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Oriental Confectionary

Mix one cup of relatives flying in from abroad, two cups of hyper children to entertain, and a teaspoon of your mother-in-law telling you your ‘aajeen isn’t crumbly enough and you have the perfect recipe for baking a Stress Pie. Today’s deal is offering you the chance to have someone else knead the dough with 5 KD for 10 KD worth of delicious sweet and savoury pastries at Oriental Confectionary. Take off those oven gloves and give or receive baked gifts from the east this new year. Voucher valid till March 1, 2011.

All Aboard the Orient Confectionary Express

Oriental Confectionary’s wide selection of fatayer, rolls, puff pastries, tarts, bread, and chocolate delights are made with high quality all-natural ingredients to answer all your carb cravings. Oriental also saves you the hassle of traffic as today’s Nabit is valid for either pick up or delivery directly to your doorstep.

Fatayer-tastic Tastes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there’s no better fuel that Zaatar Pastries (1.2 KD for 1 dozen). Or for those with a sweet tooth, opt for warm Cinnamon Rolls (1.2 KD for 1 dozen). Fans of fatayer will be in heaven with Oriental’s offerings of either Cheese, Labneh, Meat, Spinach, Fool or Cabbage filled varieties (1.2 KD for 1 dozen). Or let Oriental take care of food for your next house party with Mini Pizzas, Hotdogs, Chicken Puffs and Cheese Rolls (all 1.2 KD for 1 dozen).

Oriental even offers beautiful birthday cakes iced with a photo of your choice. All you have to is give them a call a minimum of 24 hours in advance, choose the theme, present your photo and oooo and aaaa at the beautiful result.

Check out Oriental Confectionary’s full menu here and pick your delicious delights to wow your family and friends.

Step away from that stove and nab now. Sahtein!

What You Get

10 KD worth of sweet and savoury pastries at Oriental Confectionary

Fine print

Voucher valid till March 1, 2011
You may buy one voucher per person
You may buy multiple vouchers for family/friends
Voucher valid for Pick up and Delivery
No cash back or carry over
Not valid with any other promotions

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Business Info

Oriental Confectionary
Andalous, Surra, Farwaniya
Official Website

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