Today's Nabit: 50% off Authentic Korean Food on Thursdays at Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

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Silk Route Café, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

Here's a 'How Korean are you?' quiz to take. Have you ever owned a Samsung TV? What about an LG fridge? Have you ever driven or ridden in a Hyundai or Kia? Have you ever eaten Kimchi in Abu Dhabi? Chances are the last question may be hard to say yes to. But that's all about to change because Silk Route Cafe at Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi has launched Korean Night every Thursday evening thanks to the new addition of a talented Korean chef. For only AED 73 per person, today's Nabit gets you authentic, tasty Korean food (buffet) at Silk Route every Thursday between 7pm and 11pm (original value AED 145).

On Thursday evenings every week Silk Route at Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi will be transformed into a Little Korea, so nab this deal and find out the real reason why traditional Korean roofs curve up like a smile (it's the healthy and delicious food). Nabbers will be welcomed by the smiling Korean waitresses dressed in vibrant pink and red Hanboks, the traditional Korean dress. Behind the scenes in the kitchen, the team is led by a fantastic Korean chef, so tuck your napkins into your shirt and get the chopsticks ready. For the chopstick-challenged, don't worry - the safety and comfort of a fork and knife can be found right next to your chopsticks so there's no need to panic.

Nabbers can dive into the buffet which has a pleasant mix of spicy and not-so-spicy, vegetarian and meaty Korean specialties. The temptation to have a little bit of everything will be a valid one because you just have to try a little bit of everything - it's luscious! First-timers will be able to welcome a new world of diverse and wonderful flavors, and anyone who has ever been to North or South Korea will tell you it's the real deal. Just ask H.E. Kwon, the South Korean Ambassador to the UAE who was there last week and gave it two thumbs up.

While beverages are not included in this Nabit, make sure to try the Soju and Hite - no Korean meal is complete without. And no Nabber is complete without trying Korean food. So get nabbing, and invite a few friends along for a kickin' Korean night at Silk Route Cafe every Thursday. Go nab it!

What You Get

Korean Buffet Dinner for one person on Thursday evenings at Silk Route Cafe, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi.

Fine print

Voucher valid until February 28, 2011.
You may buy 2 vouchers for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for friends (2 per friend).
Advance booking required.
Dine in only.
Beverages not included.

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Business Info

Silk Route Cafe at Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi
Mezzanine Floor
31st Street, Between Muroor & Airport Road
Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi
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