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Today's Nabit: 50% off 50 minute Massage at Pilates and More Women’s Health Club

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Pilates and More Women’s Health Club

The daily grind can be tough on your body. You wake up at the crack of dawn, throw your back out taking sharp turns on the road, slouch over your office computer all day, only to catch a few hours of sleep before repeating it all tomorrow. When was the last time you were able to realign yourself and recharge those empty batteries? Nab today’s deal of 50% off a 50-minute Traditional Slimming Massage or Aromatic Detox Massage at Pilates and More Women’s Health Club and rejuvenate yourself with the treatment you deserve. Voucher valid till February 20, 2011.

Today’s deal offers you the choice of either a Traditional Slimming Massage or Aromatic Detox Massage, both 50 minutes of bliss, at Pilates and More. Both begin with your therapist applying a mixture of a base oil before kneading your tense and over-worked tendons to stimulate blood flow and expel impurities and stress. The gentle pressure (or vigorous if that’s how you like it) will free lymphatic blockages and allow energy to flow throughout your entire body. After 50 minutes of therapy, you will emerge more alert, revitalized, and ready to face your day with a smile.

Knead the Words of your Elders

We all know massages are the best gift to give or receive, but did you know they are also one of the oldest forms of medical treatment? Over three thousand years ago, the school of Ayurvedic medicine in India prescribed massage therapy for a variety of medical conditions. And later, in fifth century B.C. Greece, Hippocrates instructed his fellow physicians on the many benefits of “rubbing” to treat pain ("hugging" came in a distant second). So nab a massage today, keep the doctor away.

Massage your Mood

You’re massage will leave you revitalized and raring to go so if you’re in the mood to move, you’ll be in the right place. Pilates and More Women’s Health Club offers a huge array of classes at all hours of the day, from Pilates mat work, to Hatha Yoga and Cardio Hip Hop to Disco-Spin. You can test out all the facilities of both gym branches for 15KD for a day. If you enjoy your experience, one of Pilates and More’s staff will happily meet with you to discuss full-time membership.

Give your limbs the tender loving care they deserve or give the gift of bliss with today’s deal.

What You Get

50 minute Slimming Massage or Aromatic Detox Massage

Fine print

Voucher valid till February 20, 2011
Voucher valid in both Salmiya and Mahboula branches
You may redeem one voucher per person
You may buy multiple vouchers for friends and family
Voucher valid for women only
You must quote your voucher when booking
Not valid with any other promotions

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

Pilates & More Women’s Health Club
1. Baghdad Street, Salmiya - Tel: +965 25710582
2. Coast Road, Mahboula - Tel: +965 23711705
[email protected]
Official Website

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