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Careers at GoNabit

GoNabit is a vibrant, young business pioneering social commerce and group buying in the MENA region in order to grow a globally successful online institution. The two founders inject their values and passion for the business and its people with the aim of making something that people will use together to achieve more than they could on their own, and create collective value that is greater than the sum of its parts. In this way, we are committed to creating a team that is also greater than the sum if its parts through living our core values:

  • Do things that matter
  • Be the ceo of something
  • Race like a pro – fast AND smart
  • Leave happiness in your wake
  • No one wins unless everyone wins
  • Be remarkable daily

We are constantly striving to create a distinctive culture shaped by our founders, supported by our people, and admired by the marketplace. We see opportunities in leveraging the new opportunities created by the trends shaping our collective future:

  • global
  • social
  • mobile
  • open
  • intelligent
  • instantaneous
  • playful

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Jobs of the Week

Job Title Location
Account Executive - Outside Sales (Abu Dhabi) Abu Dhabi, UAE
Account Executive - Outside Sales (Cairo) Cairo, Egypt
Account Executive - Outside Sales (Beirut) Beirut, Lebanon
Account Executive - Outside Sales (Amman) Amman, Jordan
Account Executive - Outside Sales (Kuwait City) Al Kuwait, Kuwait
Copywriter / Translator (Beirut) Lebanon , commerce; Marketing