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Smile Photography

Before the advent of photography, mothers and fathers would preserve their most treasured memories by forcing their kids to remain completely still for days at a time. Today's deal gives you a more manageable, muscle-friendly option with a photography session and digital prints from Smile Baby & Family Photography. Nab $15 for a 1 hour Smile Package Photography Session at Smile, worth $50 and capture your family members in beautiful imagery, themed to your choice...before they’re all grown up. Voucher valid till April 20, 2011.

In the harnessed and lassoed light of their welcoming studio, Smile Baby & Family Photography’s cameras capture each subject's luminous personality by giving them space to shine. Whether dressed in themed clothing and set against a matching backdrop, or simply au naturel, Smile will seize the innocent grin or cheeky expression of your family members to remember forever. With today’s Smile Package deal, you will receive 6 professional hard copy prints in addition to a CD with digital copies, especially designed for Facebook posting. So all your friends and family can ooo and aaa at your little to2borni no matter where they are.

In order to best prepare yourself for your session, Smile recommends you send over your information here along with any themes/requirements you desire. You can also give them a call and they’ll be happy to take your details and offer ideas. With the holiday season fast approaching, why not choose a festive theme, or celebrate Valentine’s day with a your own lovely child as baby cupid. The possibilities are endless and Smile’s friendly staff will employ their expertise and resources to make sure your photos display you and your family members in gorgeous, glossy glory.

If you like Smile’s work, why not check out their other products such as the “Watch me as I Grow” package. Keep track of your new born as he/she grows during their first year to capture these precious moments. The package extends over a whole year and a photograph included every month through a duration of one year, with a specially designed album and calendar included.

Smile for the camera. 3, 2, 1, nab!

What You Get

1 hour Photography Session for child, baby & family portraits at Smile.

Fine print

Voucher valid until April 20, 2011.
You may redeem one voucher per person
You may buy multiple vouchers as gifts for friends/family
No cash back or carry over
Must quote GoNabit voucher when placing order
Not valid with any other promotions
VAT included in price

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Business Info

Smile Photography

Embassies Street

Bir Hassan, Beirut
Official Website
[email protected]
Tel: 76 653844

Questions About the Deal

  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 12/17/10)
    Hi Jessica,
    Thanks, you can drop by our office (give us a call and we will help you out with timings) to pay cash towards store credits using which you can buy any active deals on our site. Our location details are:
    Marfaa 1136, 2nd Floor,
    Facing "Ermenegildo Zegna",
    Above Hamdan MiniMarket,
    Beirut Central District
    Beirut, Lebanon
    GoNabit Support
  • Jessica A. (Posted on 12/17/10)
    Love the deal, but what if I need to pay cash, no credit card available :(
  • Eva M. (Posted on 12/16/10)
    love the pics on the site! i'll nab:)
  • Nabila . (Posted on 12/16/10)
    The pictures are lovely....will surely nab it.
  • Lama B. (Posted on 12/16/10)
    love this deal :)

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