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Like runners sent out to report field conditions before the Battle of Marathon in 490BC, our fingernails are the first fearless soldiers to brave new surroundings. And just like runners, they can speak the truth before our mouth arrives at the scene. Reward your army of digits for their explorative and expressive efforts with today’s deal of $13 for a Manicure and NailSpa Nail Repair Treatment, worth $27. Nab now and promote the platoon with gorgeous colours. Voucher valid till April 18, 2011.

Hot Coco, Pillow Talk, Velvet Voyeur...what nail polish names lack in clarity, they make up for in shining, colourful coats for neglected finger-helmets. Choose from hundreds of hues to style up your digits with today’s deal of a Full Manicure and NailSpa’s Signature Nail Repair Treatment Polish for only $13 (worth $27). Colour your tips and keep them strong and unbreakable with NailSpa’s brand spanking new nail repair polish (pictured), yours to take home and apply to give your nails need some extra armour on the battlefield.

Hitting the NailSpa on the Head

With over a decade in spa experience, NailSpa has achieved the holy beauty grail of combining superior quality of treatments with convenient quantity of branches to visit. The spa maintains a non-toxic, biodegradable, sanitation policy and strict disinfection procedures to ensure the premises are kept fresh & clean for each pampered client.

As you sink into your cushioned chair, let the olfactory-pleasing aroma of your warm water soak transport you away from deadlines and to-do lists. The sit back, relax and dream of sandy beaches while your therapist files radical nails into shape and attends to contrary cuticles. Finish by choosing from the salon’s namesake polishes, made without the harsh chemicals formaldehyde and toluene, to add the finishing touch to your digital therapy. You'll even get a bottle of NailSpa's Nail Repair Treatment to keep your tips in top shape against the wear and tear of texting, typing and BBM-ing.

NailSpa offers a huge array of treatments ranging from gel extensions, silk wraps, paraffin treatments as well as mesotherapy facials, waxing, threading, laser treatments and solarium sessions. Give them a call to book your treatment today and emerge strong, serene and stunning.

Nab this deal now and relieve your fingertips from keyboard duty with a treat!

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What You Get

Mani-Pedi or Manicure & Nail Hardener at NailSpa

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Voucher valid until April 18, 2011.
You may redeem one voucher per person
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Must quote voucher when booking
No cash back or carry over
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Business Info

NailSpa - ABC Ashrafieh - Tel: 01 204 111
Hours: 10am-10pm
Bliss Street, Hamra - Tel: 01 344 111
Hours: Mon-Sat 8.30am-7.30pm
Beirut Souks, Inside “Faces” - Tel: 01972 596
Hours: 10am-10pm
Verdun - Tel: 01 810 720

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