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GOA Cafe

What's in a name? For some, names are important sentiments to honor a special someone in the family. When it comes to surnames, some are tell-tale signs to what ancestors did for a living. (Johnnie's family must have done a lot of walking). And for some people, a name is just a name they like the sound of; one with a special ring to it. And with today's Nabit for only JOD 5, enjoy JOD 10 worth of food and beverages at GOA Cafe. The name may have people thinking it's an Indian restaurant, but it's not. GOA is a cozy cafe with international cuisine where you can chill out in style - GOA's got a ring to it.
Voucher valid until March 19, 2011.

With it's outdoor patio and floor-to-ceiling windows, GOA Cafe is a charming little spot in Amman's popular Mecca Street. Bring a book, a friend, or a date and enjoy the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere as you indulge in today's Nabit giving you a choice of a large selection of gourmet coffees, fresh, tasty and light meals, along with a wide selection of delectable desserts.

Use today's Nabit at GOA Cafe towards a Cafe Latte (JOD 2.75), American Coffee (JOD 2.25) or Espresso (JOD 2) as you catch up with a dear friend. Bask in the warmth and comfort of the indoors in these cold winter months while you sip on a White Chocolate Mocha (JOD 3.25), a Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows (JOD 3.25), and many other hot drinks on the menu.

GoNabit staff are always ones to eat dessert first so start with a slice of mouth-watering Chocolate Mousse Cake (JOD 3.25), Carrot Cake (JOD 2.75), Blueberry Cheese Cake (JOD 3.5), Apple Pie (JOD 3) or any one of the delicious desserts. Stop by for an afternoon snack of a Labneh wrap with olives, mint and tomato (JOD 2.5), a Blue Cheese with Honey Sandwich (JOD 4.25), Chicken with Avocado (JOD 4.5) Chicken Fillet (JOD 4.5) or any of the Croissant Cheese, Turkey and Smoked Salmon Sandwiches on offer, with a Mushroom, Onion or Chicken Cream Soup (JOD 2.5) on the side.

Green-lovin' Nabbers can munch on the greeny salads such as the Chef, Caesar, Tuna and Greek Salads. Quench your thirst with an Orange, Lemon and Mint, or Mango Juice. Or sip on Milk Shakes, Chocolate Milk, Iced Latte and any other cold drinks on the menu (JOD 1-3.5). Treat the sweet tooth to Ice Cream, a Brownie or Apple Pie with Ice Cream (JOD 2.5-3.75) for sweet treats that will surely hit the spot.

Whatever meal, snack, or coffee you choose to use your Nabit for at GOA Cafe, it'll be a perky part to any day. Coffee mornings, lunch dates, or a sneaky late night bite and chit-chat wouldn't be the same without some company, so nab a few for friends too. If the boardrooms at work are stifling creativity, nab a few more and invite colleagues for meetings - the light bulbs won't stop shining in this amazing cafe.

Nab a little GOA now to find out why the name will be special to you too (if it isn't already).

What You Get

JOD 10 worth of food and beverages at GOA Cafe.

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Voucher valid until March 19, 2011. 
Buy as many vouchers as you like for yourself, friends and family. 
Advance booking required.  
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Business Info

GOA Cafe
Amman, Mecca Street, behind Tche Tche and Fuddruckers,
Near Cairo Amman Bank.
Tel: +962-6-5527266
Working Hours: 10AM to Midnight daily

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