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Sivananda Yoga

From the phalanx of Alexander the Great that could shift formations instantly, to the twisting tentacles of Paul the Octopus that affected the dreams of millions, fortune surely favours the flexible. Bending to the challenge is a skill that can save lives, win bets and reach that last cupcake on the top shelf so extend those limbs to nab today’s deal of $12 for 2 Yoga Sessions at Sivananda Yoga Center, worth $26. Salute the sun without getting bent out of shape. Voucher valid till February 3, 2011.

Today’s Nabit offers you 2 classes at Sivananda Yoga Center in the heart of Gemmayzeh. Opened in 2000, Sivananda is a bendible, malleable studio that specializes in potent yoga poses suffused with deep breathing, meditation, and holistic health. The center is located in a renovated space that dates back to the nineteen thirties. With high ceilings with simple lines, Sivananda offers an atmosphere where people can escape the dujje of Beirut and de-stress in downward dog.

Don’t just do something, meditate

Offering a classes for avid yoga enthusiasts or for those hoping to increase flexibility without the need of two camyonet and rope. Yoga classes focus on the inhalation of oxygen with each movement, creating a coordinated dance between breathing and posing. There are no prerequisites for any of Sivananda’s classes, the expert instructors will tailor each movement to the individual student's level. Check out the schedule for class times.

Yoga-ta try it

Regularly practicing yoga can improve your quality of life by increasing muscle tone and flexibility, reducing stress, and stimulating weight loss. The dedicated instructors at Sivananda bring years of experience and buckets of motivation to guide your body and mind overhaul. Recruit your office mates, your Teta or local dikanji to join you on your journey to nirvana.

Nab now and flex your way out of a fitness rut. Altogether now deep breath Naaaabbbbbbbbbbb.....

What You Get

2 Yoga Sessions at Sivananda Yoga

Fine print

Voucher valid until February 3, 2011.
You may redeem one voucher per person
You may buy multiple vouchers as gifts for friends/family
Must book in advance
No cash back or carry over
Offer cannot be combined with other promotions.
VAT included in price

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Business Info

Sivananda Yoga Center
522 Gouraud Street. Third Floor, Apt 3A,
Gemmayzeh, Beirut

Telephone: 01 566 770

Mobile: 03 308 156

Official Website
Sivananda on Facebook

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