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Zayna Spa, Grand Millenium Al Wahda

Imagine a world with no stones. It's easy to take the inanimate objects for granted, but just think about it. How would Romeos get the attention of their Juliets without stones to throw at her window? How would people cross rivers without stepping stones? And would humans have frozen to extinction without stones to create fires and build stone houses? Never take stones for granted again after today's Nabit; for only AED 220 surrender to a divine one-hour hot stone massage at the luxurious and newly opened Zayna Spa at Grand Millenium Al Wahda (original value AED 440). Only a stone's throw away from an unforgettable, paradisiacal experience.

Whoever created the riddle about sticks and stones hurting your bones forgot to mention the relaxing powers of hot stones on tense muscles. So for all the people out there who have always wondered what a hot stone massage is, now's the time to find out. Zayna Spa and Grand Millenium Al Wahda opened their doors to the men and women of Abu Dhabi in November. A true temple of serenity, Zayna opens the doors of pleasure and beauty. And every little detail has been thought about with an elegant touch. Whether it's the serene water fountain, the soft lighting, the aroma or the soothing music - every element of the spa has a luxurious, comforting and soothing feel to it.

Hot for stones

Today's Nabit is for a one hour hot stone massage. Nabbers will be welcomed with herbal tea, a cold towel, and asked to fill in a consultation card where any ailments can be noted; stress, a broken heart, bad digestion, you name it. One of the international spa therapists will lead you to one of the ten decked out treatment rooms (there's also a couples room), all named after the word 'beauty' in different languages and cultures. The therapist will combine Swedish techniques using oiled and warmed Basalt stones (from Bali) to relieve tense muscles and sore joints. There's nothing more relaxing and soothing than warm stones massaging your back, feet, legs, arms and chest. Got cold feet (literally)? Hot stone massages are perfect for people who always feel chilly. Actually, scratch that. This hot stone massage is perfect for anyone. Kick back in the relaxation room after, and make use of the sauna and steam room too. Buy today's Nabit for a husband, a wife and ask for a couples treatment room. Or buy it for a stressed out friend or anyone on your Christmas shopping list. And don't forget yourself.

While today's Nabit is for a hot stone massage, be sure to try the other treatments available such as the Green Coffee Anti Cellulite Body Wrap (AED 495) or the Traditional Thai Massage (AED 410). Get a Deep Pore Purifying Facial for AED 450 or Caviar Facial at AED 710 for men and AED 800 for women. Or for a truly indulgent and pampering experience try one of the signature spa treatments starting at AED 875. Zayna Spa can be found on the 3rd floor of Grand Millenium Al Wahda and is the biggest spa and health club in Abu Dhabi at a whopping 2700 square meters.

Don't take things for granted - especially stones. Nab it while it's hot.

What You Get

A 60 minute Hot Stone Massage for 1 person at Zayna Spa, Grand Millenium Al Wahda

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Voucher valid until April 7, 2011.
You may buy two vouchers for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for friends/family.
Valid for men and women.

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Business Info

Zayna Spa at the Grand Millenium
Hazza Bin Zayed St. (11th St.) and Airport Road
Al Wahda Complex
Grand Millennium on Facebook
[email protected]
Open daily 9am to 10pm

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