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Best Daily Deals Online in Beirut

Get Featured on GoNabit!

GoNabit is the ultimate customer creation engine for local businesses looking for a steady stream of new customers. Each day we attract local and international buyers with huge discounts on a cool new daily deal – or Nabit. Since a minimum number of people must buy before the deal gets activated, this turns buyers into value evangelists – spreading word of your business through social media to amplify word-of-mouth.

With no upfront cost, clear and measurable return on investment, all of your advertising investment concentrated in actual customers, the largest reach into young savvy buyers, and an exclusive spotlight on your business combined with the buzz and power of social media word-of-mouth, there is no better place for local businesses to create real customers than GoNabit.

GoNabit bridges the gap between clicks and bricks – you get risk-free access to socially savvy online buyers and social media buzz, and in the end, get real measurable customers to win for repeat business.

What we do for you

  • you pay nothing for the exclusive placement, valuable email marketing, online and offline marketing, social media marketing buzz, viral distribution $1,000s of marketing value
  • you get money upfront from people who have committed to experiencing your business, investing only if those who have invested in you – this is true pay-for-performance advertising
  • we facilitate people that haven't discovered your business to try your product at a discount, the only cost to you is a discount on your product/service in the form of a sample offering to promote ongoing custom and up-selling to other products
  • people buy right through our website and commit to using the service upfront by making a financial investment in your product, not in a book of coupons or free offer they may never redeem
  • no other medium presents this ability to focus 100% of spend on new customers, this is Assured Marketing
  • our team of experienced marketeers will develop and manage the campaign for you so the only thing you have to do is sign-up and continue to focus on your business, no other marketing mechanism offers such hassle-free yet targeted marketing


In summary, a daily deal on GoNabit will create and drive real customers through the door of you store. By structuring a compelling deal with an intelligent tipping point you get a guaranteed minimum level of new customer creation – creating a maximum cost per acquisition that is clear and measurable. With a compelling offer, users spread the word buying increasing customers numbers and decreasing acquisition costs. With simple redemption conditions and a compelling write-up, the chance for remarkable numbers on your daily deal increase significantly. Considering your business and your industry, and using our deal calculator, I recommend that we create an offer of...

What GoNabit brings to the table:

For all the thousands a print ad, radio spot, or TV commercial will cost your business, you get no guarantee in return. GoNabit, on the other hand, gives you a fast, easy, risk-free alternative that achieves marketing goals far beyond the scope of traditional media.

Do you want to… GoNabit Print TV/Radio Online Banners
Bring in new customers guaranteed yes no no no
Reach a subscriber base that’s active, vast and growing by the day? yes no no no
Invest only in customers that your ad actually brings in? yes no no no
Create a promotion that achieves viral word-of-mouth? yes no no no
Run a campaign that can be measured and tracked? yes no no yes
Set your campaign parameters and know that they will be met? yes no no no


What Nabbers say
  • Faheem A. : I like this

  • Abood S. : Thank U Go Nabit..!!! I'm gonna Nab too many things...!!

  • M-J. B.: I really think that all your deals are awesome

  • Maria M. : I'm basically addicted to you guys....

  • Usman Z. :This is sooo coooool ;)

  • Loay E. : guys the site is amazing ... the deal is amazing

  • @SymphonyStyle : How great is @GoNabitDubai such a cool idea! Love! Congrats!!

  • @bentusman : I wake up to Gonabit alerts :) I am sure I'll nab the next one :)

What businesses say
  • Well done again to you and the team for creating another successful Nabit. Your company is quickly becoming my favorite! - Clifford Tindell, Managing Director, Core Direction

  • Gonabit produced instant and measurable results. The marketing was direct and to the required target market. Got new clients and awareness about our salon. - Aarti Bhatia, Signature Lounge

  • (GoNabit).. was the best advertising as we saw immediate results compared to other advertising campaigns that we ran. Clients came and purchased additional services! - Salha, Heavenly Beauty

  • <3 - Saeid Hejazi, CEO,