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National Institute for Scuba Diving in Lebanon

Along with standing upright, grasping objects and dropping it like it’s hot, humans have been mastering the art of breathing above ground for centuries. It’s time for a new challenge. Pioneer the frontier of underwater respiration and introduce your lungs to aqueous awareness with today’s deal of: $35 for one Discover Scuba Diving lesson at the National Institute for Scuba Diving (worth $100). Discover what lies beneath. You might even find your car keys. Voucher valid till May 31, 2011.

The National Institute for Scuba Diving has been sending local land lovers into the depths of Lebanese waters since 1980. Together with offering diving instruction from the top experts in the country, the NISD has conducted numerous dives to landmarks along the coast such as the ship wrecks of the Macedonia and the HMS Victoria.

What Lies Beneath?

During your one long Discover Scuba Diving Lesson, one of the centre's passionate and certified instructors will strap students into the necessary equipment—included with the lesson—and lead them in a comprehensive course on all things scuba. You'll become comfortable with using the technical breathing and swimming equipment and learn scuba street-slang before submerging yourself in the water. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with navigating H2O, you’ll dive down up to 4 metres and so begin your quest for high-speed internet direct from the cable in the depths.

Though breathing underwater can feel a little strange at first, it quickly becomes second nature after a bit of submerged practice. Post-class, prepare to hold a renewed respect for all things under the sea and a desire to return to the depths. Make sure you call ahead to schedule a class time.

Invite some friends, nab now and take a trip to a world holiday traffic has yet to penetrate. Who knows what wonders you’ll find...

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1 Discover Scuba Diving Lesson with NISD

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Business Info

National Scuba Diving Institute
Beirut Marina Solidere
Hours: 11am-7pm
Official Website
NISD on Facebook
Tel: +961 3 204422
Tel: +961 1 739203
E-mail: [email protected]

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