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Chase Restaurant

Anything worth obtaining is worth chasing. Just ask Tom the cat. Even though the frantic feline frequently ended up trapped, electrocuted, or on fire, he never gave up his pursuit of the elusive Jerry. With today’s deal, you’ll be the cat that got the creamy carbonara sauce. Nab 50% off a meal for 2 at Chase Restaurant and catch delicious food, in a sleek setting. Grab your buddies and make the chase en masse. Voucher valid till May 7, 2011.

Chasing a Dream

Chase restaurant opened its first restaurant in Lebanon in Sassine in 1977. Delicious and diverse food, impeccable service and attention to detail have kept the chain alive and expanding in Beirut and throughout Lebanon. Nab today's deal and for only $25 you can enjoy $50 worth of food and beverages for two at The Chase, Sassine and Zouk branches and savour the taste of success.

Cut to the Chase

Chase’s diverse and creative menu is sure to satisfy all palettes, so picky eaters and kids on a strict diet of burgers won’t feel left out. Start your pursuit with Breaded Fondel Cheese Sticks ($6.50) to share or a hearty Onion Soup ($6.50). For a lighter bite, try the Caprese Salad (Fresh Mozzarella, Aubergine and Tomatoes on a bed of Roquette) ($12) or indulge in Chase’s Marinated Salmon and Potato Salad ($16).

Continue your pursuit, Italian Job style, with classics like the House Pizza, topped with cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms and black olives, ($11), or the creamy Tagliatelle Carbornara ($12). Catch Chase's famous Club Sandwich ($12) or her jazzed up cousin with Halloum and Bacon ($13), both served with salad and french fries. Or sample the *tender Grilled Beef Filet* ($19), juicy Chicken Escalope, served with fresh mushroom sauce ($16). Chase also offers a daily “sa7n yawme”. Catch your favourite dish on offer here The kids can even choose delights from their own menu, such a mini-burger ($7) or chicken nuggets ($7).

Don't leave without chasing down the delicious desserts, such as Baba au Rhum ($6), classic Creme Brulee ($6) or Chase's mouth-watering Banana Split ($6)...perfect for sharing.

Get a group together and nab a meal at Chase...catch it while you can.

What You Get

$50 worth of food at Chase

Fine print

Voucher valid until May 7, 2011.
You may redeem one voucher per couple.
You may buy multiple vouchers as gifts for friends/family.
Dine-in only.
No cash back or carry over.
Offer cannot be combined with other promotions.
VAT included in price.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

Achrafieh - Sassine
Tel: 01 - 202390
Cel: 03 - 181826

Zouk - Espace 2000
Tel: 09 - 210883
Cel: 03 - 181825

Chase Website

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Questions About the Deal

  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 1/7/11)
    Hi Diana,
    This deal is valid towards any food on the menu. Bon Appétit
    GoNabit Support
  • Diana N. (Posted on 1/6/11)
    Well I think the deal is great. Does it include drinks?
  • Hussein N. (Posted on 1/5/11)
    You've been giving the meal deals in Beirut at 50 USD for 25 paid, I think it should be 40 max for 20 paid, 40 USD is more than a regular meal for two in Beirut unless the place is really expensive. I don't know about other places but people watch their weight here. Not everyone gets stuffed on things before the main course and then gets dessert after.
    Better idea is to make the deals half price on bill, with minimum 30 dollars bill for example if you need to have a ceiling / floor. The idea is to get many people buying the same deal, not each person eating more than they would normally.
    Anyway still thanks for the nice deals :).

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