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N9NE Medical Institute

Just like how your purse, laundry, and Facebook friends list need regular cleaning, so do your pores. All that make-up, dirt and gunk trapped inside need to be drained and unclogged to get your face running smoothly again. Today’s deal calls the skin experts for a quick fix, for only AED 250 lady Nabbers can have clear, radiant skin with an Image Signature Facelift™ Facial at N9Ne Medical Institute (original value AED 500).

Modern, sleek and friendly, the boutique ladies' institute caters to all your health and beauty needs. N9NE makes it a point to import only top international products and hires only highly trained and qualified staff. Tucked away in Dubai Health Care City, N9NE offers everything from medical facials and body rejuvenation therapies to laser hair treatments and Gynecologic exams. Today's Nabit gets women the Signature Facelift™ from Image Skincare.

The facial starts with a cleanse to remove all make-up and impurities, then a fine scrub is applied to brush away stubborn dead skin cells. Light steam is used to open up your pores making it easier to evict and clear pesky black and whiteheads. Skin is then layered with Vitamin C concentrate, glycolic acid and gentle active enzymes that brighten, smooth and tighten your skin in just one treatment. Facial is finished off with a hydrating eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen to protect your face from radiations emitted by the sun and toaster ovens. Your complexion will awake refreshed and revitalized with a healthy glow.

Once you’re done, relax in the lounge featuring a minimalistic décor of modern wall accents, and rich pantones of red, black and white while sipping a cuppa tea. Feel free to ask the therapists about their other services such as image peeling for problematic skin and permanent cosmetics. N9Ne doesn’t just specialize in skin and beauty treatments, they have recently acquired an American board certified OB-GYN doctor for women’s complete healthcare. Call ahead to schedule your appointment.

Ladies who nab this deal will also receive 30% discount for laser hair removal (initial session).

So chin up, face forward and nab this deal today.

What You Get

Image Signature Facelift™ facial at N9NE

Fine print

Voucher valid until May 10, 2011.
You may buy 1 voucher for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for friends/family.
Advanced booking required.
Suitable for all skin types.
Must be at least 20.
Ladies only.

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Business Info

N9NE Medical Institute
Al Razi Building #64
Dubai Health Care City
Tel: 04 4499944
Opening Hours: 9am-9pm every day except Friday

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Questions About the Deal

  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 1/7/11)
    Hi Shaneabbas,
    The results should be visible after the first time facial itself. However if you have any particular question (specific results that you are looking for) please call N9NE and I am sure they will help you out. Happy Nabbing.
    GoNabit Support
  • Shaneabbas H. (Posted on 1/6/11)
    Hi guys,
    i just wanted to ask, is this a one time thing or would i have to go for sessions in order to get the end result?
  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 1/6/11)
    Hi Nurul,
    There are 2 kinds of Image Signature Facelift™ Facial at N9NE. This deal is valid towards 4-layer Facelift which costs AED 500/-. Hope this helps :)
    GoNabit Support
  • Nurul Z. (Posted on 1/6/11)
    hi guys,
    i checked out their website and it says on the pricelist that an image signature facelift facial costs dhs400, whereas in this deal it is at there a difference?

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