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Remember when the Kindle came out in the States but it wasn't shipped here, so you asked your friend's mother's sister's husband's best friend to buy and ship it to you? Only to rip open the package and find a spindle instead of the Kindle. Or remember that one time (at band camp) when the international shipping cost four times more than what you bought? No thanks. Today's Nabit opens the world of online shopping to Nabbers; for only USD 17.50 get a Shop and Ship lifetime membership from Aramex (original value USD 35), and have the latest auto parts, fashion, accessories, gadgets, DVDs shipped from the States or Europe to Lebanon - delivered right to your doorstep.

Online shopping was supposed to make shopping easy. But all too often when buying something online from the States or Europe, shipping is not always available to your country of residence or is too expensive. With today's Nabit of a Shop and Ship lifetime membership, the out of reach is put in your hands. Buy your favorite DVDs, latest auto parts, fashion, high tech gadgets, and more from the States or the UK using SnS and online shopping becomes how it's supposed to be: hassle-free, fast and reliable.

Once Nabbers buy the deal and 24 hours after the deal closes (if the minimum number of buyers is reached) Nabbers will be sent a promotional code to create two lifetime SnS accounts, one in the UK and one in the US. Shoppers can have packages shipped to their SnS accounts in the US or UK, which will then be forwarded straight to their doorsteps within 5-7 business days at competitive rates. Shoppers will be able to track packages (you know, just in case there's a need to watch it every step of the way), and will be notified by an SMS text or a phone call when packages touch down in Lebanon.

Have a poke around the extremely informative SnS website, where Nabbers can calculate shipping costs, find the answers to any questions (SnS related of course), and even find a shopping guide for inspiration for all the beautiful things available to buy from popular stores on the wonderful invention that is called the world wide web.

So buy online from anywhere and get it delivered anywhere. Nab & Shop and Ship.

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Shop and Ship Lifetime Membership for One Person

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Must use code to create Shop and Ship accounts before April 1, 2011.
Limit 1 voucher per person.
Valid for new subscribers only.

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