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Fitness One Gym

Fitness One Gym

Oh yes, it's a ladies Nabit. And the feelings right. Oh yes, it's a ladies Nabit. Oh what a Nabit! Ladies, kick the high heels off and lace the sneakers up, put the workout gear on and get nabbing with the girls. Today's Nabit brings women a chance to get in awesome shape. For only JOD 35, today's deal saves Amman ladies 53% off a one-month Golden Membership at Fitness One Gym (original value JOD 75). With a choice of 15 classes and a variety of equipment, you can dance, you can jog, having the workout of your life. See that girl, watch that bod, diggin' the nabbing queen. Voucher valid until February 10, 2011.

Working out in groups is great motivation to push harder. It puts a new spin on the boring old exercise routine with the chance to make new friends. Nab today's deal and get fit with a little help from state of the art machines, and the great mix of classes, where chicks can rock and roll. Nab it for yourself and get your girlfriends on board. And make it a ladies day out - at the gym.

Fitness One - the first gym in Jordan to offer a separate gym for the ladies - is a wonderful spot to work out at and reach those looming fitness goals. Fitness One holds Les Mills Classes, which are currently running in more than 55 countries. Much more than an innovative and effective form of exercise - it's a global trend that is setting the standard in the world of group fitness. Classes on offer are:

Body Balance Body Combat Body Step
Body Jam Body Attack Body Pump
RPM Free Style Classes Hips & Abs
Shape & Burn Pilates Yoga
Yogalates Jogging Step
Boot Camp Spinning Extreme Dance Classes

Use the Nabit at any of the Fitness One branches - choose one close to home or the office, whether it's Mecca Street, Rabieh, or Deir Ghbar, check out the different schedules to find classes that suit your schedule. Once the work out is over, hang out in the relaxation area, unwind in the sauna or steam room, and make use of the free wireless internet.

Oh yes, it's a ladies Nabit. And the feelings right. So nab it now.

What You Get

One-month Golden Membership for Ladies, including Classes and Machines, at Fitness One Gym.

Fine print

Voucher valid until February 10, 2011.
You may buy 1 voucher for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for your friends/family.
Available for ladies only, any age.
Can be redeemed at any of Fitness One Amman Branches: Mecca Street, Rabieh, and Der Ghbar.

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Business Info

Fitness One
Mecca St: +962-6-585-9924
Rabieh: +962-6-554-4790
Der Ghbar: +962-6-585-7106
Open Saturday to Thursday: 6:00-22:00 & Friday: 10:00-20:00.

Questions About the Deal

  • Danielle K. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Samah,
    The deal is only one voucher per person, so you may only buy one voucher for yourself and one voucher for your friend, and the voucher must be used before February 10, 2011. You may go to as many classes as you like in the month, and use all the machines. So you can work out until you're a lean, mean fighting machine for the month ;)
    Let me know if you have any more questions.
    Danielle K - Community Manager
  • Danielle K. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Ruby,

    Our Amman office is closed at the moment, so what we'll do is reserve one voucher for you, so please drop by tomorrow and pay in cash, and then we can give you your voucher.

    Danielle K - GoNabit Community Manager
  • samah o. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Danielle,

    yes it make sense, so i can buy more than one voucher or just one for me and one for my friend and they dont have limited time for use?

    i notice that some clasess less than others..some 3 times a week and some twice a week and can i use the machines also?
  • ruby s. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    hey can i pay by cash today or tomorrow because my credit card doesn't work i discovered while i was ordering please help
  • Danielle K. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Samah,
    The minimum number of people needed to buy the deal was 6, and that was reached, and now a total of 11 people have bought - so the deal is on :) You and your friend can buy one voucher each. The deal ends at midnight, and the vouchers will be sent to you tomorrow :) Does that make sense? Please let me know.
    Danielle K - GoNabit Community Manager
  • samah o. (Posted on 11/8/10)
    Hi, so to take the deal 6 have to but it inorder to get it, not less. if me and my friend want to buy it we wont get it, right/ or we can buy more than one for us to take the deal?
  • GoNabit A. (Posted on 11/7/10)
    @Nadine N. Yes, minimum number of users for this deal to tip is 6, but it has no cap or maximum number of users, so you can buy it as long as its live (which is until Tue. Nov09 midnight)

    @Ebtisam K. Yes, no problem, you can deposit your GoNabit account with cash if you don't have credit cards. You can find our office address and instructions on:
    So you can pass by our office anytime [Sunday to Thursday 9.00-18.00]

    Happy Nabbing :)
  • ebtisam k. (Posted on 11/6/10)
    Hi I want to buy the offer but I don't have a credit card, what shall I do ? is it possible to pass by the your office to deposit the same amount and take the offer ?
  • nadine n. (Posted on 11/6/10)
    hello. if 6 people have bought already and the deal is ready to tip but the deal wasnt closed yet can more people buy?
  • GoNabit A. (Posted on 11/4/10)
    Hi Nadia, welcome to GoNabIt Amman
    No extra fees on our deals, all what you need to pay is the price above, JOD 35 is enough to get it all for you, nab and use our voucher :)
  • Nadia S. (Posted on 11/4/10)
    Are there any registration fees?

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