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Online Payment

Your online safety and trust in the platform is at the core of GoNabit. We’ve gone to great lengths to make our site secure for online payments, so you can relax and experience the ease, convenience, choice and great opportunities of ecommerce.

You can shop at with confidence. We have been awarded VeriSign’s highest level of website encryption certification, and we’ve chosen the security and authority of eBay-owned PayPal as our online credit card and PayPal processing solution for all markets, and Banque Audi has the dedicated credit card processor in Lebanon.

The Payment Gateway manages the complex encryption and processing of your sensitive customer information through their electronic credit card processing network. We don’t store any of your payment information on our servers. It is recorded at their end via a Secure Socket Layer connection (SSL) and is fully encrypted. This and your other personal information is safe and secure and will only be used for your intended purpose.

Before a deal has tipped on, our gateway authorizes your card and then captures that payment once the deal tips, or cancels that authorization if the deal never tips. 

Our Gateway provider adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including:

  • they verify that your internet browser is running Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher, 
  • Information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits (the highest level commercially available), and 
  • compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Please note: for all Nabits on GoNabit your credit card will be billed in American Dollars (USD). Your Nabit voucher is redeemable in your local currency for the value listed on the website and this is the same value on the corresponding Nabit voucher. In Lebanon, VAT is included in the Nabit price, but you must pay the VAT on any cash paid over and above the Nabit value when you redeem.

Get in touch with any questions regarding payment or personal information. We'd love to hear from you and answer your questions. Also, read our Privacy Policy.


Refund Policy

We like to keep it simple.

In general, we aim to get the best deals on the site from great local businesses. We certainly do our homework about the business and we try to be as clear as possible about what you are buying and what - if any - are the specific redemption conditions for the deal. It's up to you to make sure that you read all the details about the business and about the specific Nabit to ensure that it is something you want for you or the recipient of your gift, and that the conditions of redemption suit our ability to redeem. Again, check the redemption restrictions and details before buying and using the Nabit voucher.

Ultimately, you trust us to be reliable and transparent, and we trust you to do your homework before you buy great deals that you want for you or for someone else, and then redeem the Nabits by giving that local business (and business owner) a fair chance to win you back again and again.

We handle all refund enquiries, not the local business. If you want to refund a Nabit please contact us. If you contact the merchant, they'll likely direct you to us anyway, so start here.

We aren't responsible for the quality of the service delivered, but your happiness is important to us. In short: if you bought a Nabit that you really don't want and that you can't give as a gift, or the Nabit let you down in some major way, get in touch and we'll refund you Store Credit to use on GoNabit. As a small business ourselves, we'll have to eat the cost of your return, so be nice and please only ask for a refund with good reason.


For all deal-specific terms, read our Terms of Use/Sale and our FAQs.

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