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When to get your business Nabbed

The is the first in our series (that could be a series of one) posts about ‘questions you’ve always wanted to ask but didn’t’.

We get asked all the time about the types of businesses that we work with, and why a business would or wouldn’t be featured on GoNabit, and when GoNabit is the right marketing tool for their business.

Types of Businesses

If you browse through our Past Nabits you’ll see a snapshot of the kinds of businesses that we work with: spas, salons, restaurants, events, fitness, activities, retail and some other things a bit more quirky.

We deal primarily with service-based businesses and really look for great places you’ve never heard of, or great places that you know - but don’t know enough about, or where you need a little kick to go back and try them again. (notice the recurring theme here? “great”) For businesses - and pianists - greatness is wasted if enough people don’t know about you.

When to get your business Nabbed

It’s my first time

Ever said: “If people only tried us once, they’d become regulars”? We are for you. We promote your business through visuals and creative copy written by our in-house Naguib Mahfouz, and structure our deals to create easy ways to try you out. You get butts in the seats and the chance to wow them and win them back over and over.


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2. You buy, but don't get actually get charged (or get the deal) until the deal tips - so spread the word!
3. Print the voucher and redeem at the local business.
4. Come back to GoNabit.com and repeat!

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