When to get your business Nabbed

The is the first in our series (that could be a series of one) posts about ‘questions you’ve always wanted to ask but didn’t‘.

We get asked all the time about the types of businesses that we work with, and why a business would or wouldn’t be featured on GoNabit, and when GoNabit is the right marketing tool for their business.

Types of Businesses

If you browse through our Past Nabits you’ll see a snapshot of the kinds of businesses that we work with: spas, salons, restaurants, events, fitness, activities, retail and some other things a bit more quirky.

We deal primarily with service-based businesses and really look for great places you’ve never heard of, or great places that you know - but don’t know enough about, or where you need a little kick to go back and try them again. (notice the recurring theme here? “great”) For businesses - and pianists - greatness is wasted if enough people don’t know about you.

When to get your business Nabbed

It’s my first time

Ever said: “If people only tried us once, they’d become regulars”? We are for you. We promote your business through visuals and creative copy written by our in-house Naguib Mahfouz, and structure our deals to create easy ways to try you out. You get butts in the seats and the chance to wow them and win them back over and over.

Oh yeah, let’s go back

You have customers, but you’d love to see their smiley faces a bit more often. Re-introducing your business to the motivated buyer community on GoNabit is your chance to come back top-of-mind creating “oh yeah, let’s go back to that place” moments. The best part: we usually structure deals so that people have social experiences for 2+ people. 1 voucher = 1 new/repeat visit = 2+ customers = 1 big smile for you.

Anybody interested?

Ready to launch that Buffalo steak with the Gorgonzola cheese sauce? That new line of juices just not taking off like you’d hoped? Thinking of running a Zumba class but not sure if people are into it? Run a deal on GoNabit, be assured of a minimum number of people who are interested in giving it a shot, and if a minimum don’t signup, the deal doesn’t go through. No risk. Gosh, that was easy.

Spend more, love more

“I’ve got me some free money…so I’m going to order everything.” With a restaurant voucher bought on GoNabit people feel like they have free money to spend, and that makes it a lot easier to try that dessert, order the juice, or get an extra appetizer. Let’s call it: incentivized menu exploration.

Who needs tickets?

Got some empty seats on that next boat trip or driving course? Want to fill the upper deck at your upcoming event? Want to kick-start ticket sales for your pan flute festival? Instead of having this capacity sit on the “shelf” making you nothing, fill those seats while also generating buzz about your event at the same time.

Throw me a lifeline

This comes back to the concept of undiscovered greatness. You may really need a kick-start to keep your business running and you certainly would like an immediate boost to cashflows. With a payout schedule unlike other voucher re-sellers, you get committed customers and an upfront cash boost. Plus, the exposure through our site and mailing list brings follow-on business to keep you going. Rescued!

Reaching them where they live

The medium creates the masses. Our buyer community is online savvy, likes social interactivity, looking for new experiences, open to spreading the word and sharing those experiences, has some disposable income, looking to discover their city more completely - but come from various nationalities and backgrounds. GoNabit is for businesses that want to tap into that group.

From buzz to buy

We send out our daily email to our rapidly-growing subscriber database. We promote your deal through social media. We have full-time community managers committed to creating buzz around your business. We have people that dress up in clown costumes that stand in the doorway of the mall shouting your name. (well, not the last one) We have the platform that converts that buzz into buyers since interested people transact through our website. You want social media ROI? This is it.

When NOT to get your business Nabbed

I shall not return

If there is no recurring revenue element to your business, and no potential to get follow-on word-of-mouth business, then GoNabit is not for you. I’ll go back to a restaurant if its great. I’ve found my new gym if the classes get me pumped and feeling good. I’ll tell my friends to go have the same great experience on the boat, skydiving trip, hotel, etc. However, there’s little point discounting the only experience someone will ever have with you unless you need to fill seats or clear inventory.

Less than great

If we wouldn’t recommend you to our friends and family, then GoNabit is not for you. We are implicitly recommending businesses that we feature, and we want to help people discover hidden gems or great new things about places they thought they knew all about. If your place is sub-par, work on it and then give us a call.

Woah, that’s a bit much

We deal in creating a big influx of new customers. If you can’t handle an influx of 30-500 new customers then GoNabit is not for you. We’ll work with you to see if you can expand capacity as part of growing your business. If that won’t happen then you certainly shouldn’t create more business than you can properly service or else you are hurting - not helping - your business.

I can book you in for next year

If you’re place is packed and you have all the business you can handle, then you don’t need to market anywhere - including GoNabit. That said, if you want to keep your place top-of-mind, plan ahead for possible slowdowns, create business in your off-peak times, or change the demographic of your customers, then GoNabit IS for you.

We’re booking business for the fall right now for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Beirut, and other markets in the region. If you want to speak to us about getting Nabbed we’d love to hear from you.

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