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Earn REDpoints logoand spend them to make our deals FREE!


The REDpoints Rewards Program lets Members save even more by earning REDpoints when using GoNabit and spending these reward points when buying Nabits.



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Members earn REDpoints by:

 red arrow  Viewing the Daily Nabit when logged in on = 1 REDpoint

 red arrow  Buying the Daily Nabit before it tips = 150 REDpoints

 red arrow  Buying the Daily Nabit after it tips = 50 REDpoints

...and the magic number? Every 100 REDpoints are worth $1 to spend on GoNabit











You've got questions, and we've got answers...about REDpoints, that is:


What is the GoNabit Rewards Program - REDpoints?

Each day we see lots of new Nabbers getting in on great deals, but there's also a great core of loyal buyers. We decided to create a rewards program to give some extra "thank-you's" to the people that are really active and loyal members of our community.

Once in the program, rewards members automatically earn reward points, called REDpoints, to spend on Daily Nabits.

How can I get in to the REDpoints program?

To start, we've invited all Nabbers who've been loyal purchasers on GoNabit to be members of the REDpoints Rewards Program. If you've qualified then you're automatically enrolled. Everyone who is eligible will be added from the start, and we'll continue to invite eligible Nabbers to REDpoints once they become eligible.

Are REDpoints different than Store Credit or are you merging them together?

The first one. Store Credit is purchased using one of the many payment methods that we offer. Store Credit is both an alternate payment method for buying deals and a way to give the gift of GoNabit. Store Credit is a purchased product and never expires, and you can also earn Store Credit by referring new Nabbers.

REDpoints are reward points and must be earned through your activity on the website. REDpoints don't expire as long as your account remains active.

You can choose to use Store Credit and/or REDpoints when making a purchase on GoNabit.


What is the currency of REDpoints?

Uhhh....REDpoints. These are reward points that Loyalty Rewards Members earn when using GoNabit.

What is the currency conversion rate for REDpoints?

100 REDpoints = $1, or the equivalent in your local currency.

Will the currency rate change over time?

This is not a floating currency rate. In some cases, we may increase the value of your REDpoints, but unless we have a good reason, the value won't ever go down.

How do I earn REDpoints?

Currently there are 3 ways that you earn REDpoints:

 red arrow  Viewing the Daily Nabit while logged in on = 1 REDpoint

 red arrow  Buying the Daily Nabit before it tips = 150 REDpoints

 red arrow  Buying the Daily Nabit after it tips = 50 REDpoints

How do I earn points for viewing the deal?

You need to be logged in and then click "Today's Nabit" in the top left of the navigation bar. You'll also see your current points balance in a notification box at the top of the right sidebar on the homepage. If you don't see this REDpoints info box, you're not logged in.

How many REDpoints do I get for buying a deal?

You get 50 REDPoints for buying a deal, but your earnings get supersized to 150 REDpoints if you nab it before the deal tips.

Buying pre-tip is different?

Yeah. If you get in early you get more REDpoints. As a REDpoints Rewards Member it pays extra to buy before the deal tips so check the site early in the day.

Can I buy 10 of today's deal in 10 different transactions and earn points each time?

Nice try. If the fine print says its ok, you can buy multiples of the same deal, but you'll only earn points the first time you buy any unique deal.


Where can I see all the points that I've earned?

You can check your reward points activity on the REDpoints Rewards tab in your account on GoNabit and in the homepage info box.

How do I use REDpoints to buy today's deal?

When you're checking out while paying for the Daily Nabit, you'll see REDpoints as a payment option - if you have them. Selecting this option means you'll apply your balance of REDpoints to the current purchase. If you have enough REDpoints then you can get today's deal for free. Otherwise, make up the difference with your credit card or Store Credit.

When using REDpoints is it all or nothing?

It is. You can't choose how many reward points you want to spend on a deal. If you choose to use your points, we'll deduct enough to cover the cost of the deal, and if you have more points than are required you'll keep this balance. If you don't have enough REDpoints then you'll have to make up the difference through another payment method.

Do my REDpoints expire?

Only if you let them. If you haven't bought anything on the site for 6 months then your account is basically inactive and your points expire. We'd love to see you come back and start nabbing again, but you'll start from scratch on your REDpoints.

How can I get more info on all this jazz?

Read through these FAQ's and be sure to read the terms and conditions of the GoNabit Rewards Program. If you have any more questions you can email us at [email protected]

Can I invite people to REDpoints or add my colleagues?

We'll do the inviting for now, but if your company is interested in signing up your staff to REDpoints to get even greater savings on GoNabit, then give us a shout at [email protected]



You're not in the program until you read the terms and conditions.