About GoNabit

GoNabit was formed in January 2010 by a couple of experienced technology entrepreneurs. GoNabit is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

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Notable Firsts

First group-buying website in the Middle East-North Africa region, including

First group-buying website in Dubai, and

First group-buying website in Abu Dhabi;

First group-buying website globally to offer deals in Arabic

First group-buying website in the Middle East-North Africa region to offer referral rewards for buyers

...with more to come!


What we do

We are a UAE-based marketing business that leverages the strength of our loyal user base to source exciting products and services from local businesses at great discounts, creating value for our users, and customer creation for the business. We use strength in numbers and unbeatable values to help buyers and sellers benefit from discovering each other. We connect our Subscribers (we call them “Nabbers”) to cool stuff they can do in their city each day.

  • We find you something cool to do in your local area every day and we make sure that we get you the best price for doing it.
  • Each deal requires a minimum number of people so you need to invite your friends.
  • Subscribers sign-up on our website to receive details of the daily deal in an email sent to them every day.
  • Each deal is only available for a limited time. If the minimum number of people for the deal is not reached then no one gets charged and no one gets the deal. If the minimum is exceeded then the deal is 'on' and everyone that signed up for the deal is charged and receives a voucher from GoNabit.


Our Core Values

  1. Do things that matter
  2. Be the CEO of something
  3. Race like a pro – fast and smart
  4. Leave happiness in your wake
  5. No one wins unless everyone wins
  6. Be remarkable daily


The Team


Dan Stuart; the founder & CEO

Previously he was Chief Possibility Officer at Bayt.com. Dan oversaw strategy, product development, user experience design and new initiatives, as well as, strategic and emerging business development both within and outside the scope of Bayt as a job site. Dan Stuart was also Director of Intilaq - Bayt's corporate venture capital arm. Previously, Dan was Head of Strategic Initiatives and Business Manager for the Enterprise Sales Division at Bayt.

As a recognized face in the Middle East technology scene, Dan is a popular public speaker and recognized voice for start-ups in the region. In addition to this he brings with him a unique insight on how to leverage technology within the region.

Dan holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum, Theory and Learning from the University of Toronto in Canada. He also has an English Lit. & History Degree that he quickly followed with an early retirement spent as a ski & snowboard instructor and a mountain bike guide.

Sohrab Jahanbani

Sohrab Jahanbani; Co-Founder & COO

With over 15 years’ experience in the technology and telecom sector, Sohrab has worked across multiple product areas and verticals.

After working with a small team to launch Bulldog Communications, the UK’s first alternative LLU broadband provider, in 2002 he founded NYT Ltd, a mobile content aggregator where he launched the UK’s first weekly mobile only magazine as well as launching the first third-party 3G site on the 3 network. After Acquiring Touchsoft in 2004 he oversaw the in-house development and successful launch of a mobile-enablement technology platform . The business was sold at the end of 2006. Most recently Sohrab oversaw the Commercial function at Kulacom where he oversaw the development and launch of the worlds first end-to-end wireless Wi-Max network in Jordan.

As an entrepreneur and experienced manager he brings with him a wealth of experience that will help define the GoNabit Sales and Marketing functions as well as providing operational oversight.