Create a To-Do in Foursquare for the Daily Nabit

What would a social commerce website be without useful social media features? Well, Foursquare just released an “add to foursquare” button that lets Nabbers visiting our site add a reminder to visit that business as a “to-do” item. You’ll receive push notifications to your phone (via the app) whenever you check-in nearby.

If you’re on Foursquare then we hope you’ll find this little addition to GoNabit useful. This way you can easily create a push a “to-do” reminder to do the things you got interested in - or preferably nabbed - on GoNabit whenever you check-in near that business via Foursquare.

It’s actually pretty cool since this way you’re bookmarking locations as to-do’s making them location-based reminders for later. It’s like a Delicious button for places.

You can find the “add to foursquare” button in the Business Info section on our daily deals (when relevant):

If you’re new to Foursquare, its a mobile check-in app for your smartphone that has seen good growth globally. Basically, you use the mobile app to “check-in” to your current location: office, store, event, restaurant, or other physical location. Checking-in consistently at a place can earn you the ‘mayorship” of that location, and different check-in behaviors like multiple check-ins in an evening can earn you badges for your profile. All of this checking-in, as well as adding new places to Foursquare, get you points that move you up the weekly local leaderboard.

Up until recently its all been just some game-play that can quickly get tiring for some. For others, the leaderboard, this game-play, and seeing where your friends are / have been is another little bit of social (media) fun. Lately, businesses have been trying to bring value to this check-in behaviour by awarding the mayor of their location a special offer or freebie to encourage repeated check-ins, which is another injection of their venue name into the Foursquare stream. Others have been offering special deals to people who check-in near their location in a way to encourage footfall.

Hopefully this will be an easy way to remember to do the things you got interested in - or preferably nabbed - on GoNabit.


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