Today's Nabit: AED 41 for the Paintball Bronze package for one at Sharjah Paintball Park

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Sharjah Paintball Park

Wah-wah-waaaah, wunh wanh wuuuuuuunh. Call your 'good', grab your 'bad', and round up all your 'uglies'. With today's nabit you can make Clint Eastwood proud by having a good ol' paintball shootout: AED 41 for the Paintball Bronze package for one person (original value AED 85) at Sharjah Paintball Park – part of the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club (SGSC). What will make Clint extra proud…? Saying 'you're a great boss' in the form of a Dirham-sized welt on their back at your next company paintball session.

Though cowboy boots aren’t included, the Bronze package at Sharjah Paintball Park gets you 100 paintballs, the paintball marker (euphemism for “gun”), a mask, coveralls and the gas to make those balls fly. With a huge playing area that accommodates up to 150 players, you’ll be ducking, dodging, diving and ducking behind bunkers, huts, trees, aircrafts, hills, trenches, bridges, towers and more.

Team Up

No one plays paintball alone. After all, shooting yourself with paint gets old really quick. This is your perfect excuse to have a cool birthday event, challenge the guys and girls across the hall in your office, have a year-end staff event, or just put out a call and gather your friends for a day of (not so) serious fun. You could always do a dinner or other event, but activity mixed with some stress equals some serious bonding time.

Fun is in the details

The team at the Sharjah Paintball Park have thought of the little things to make your event a great experience. There are flood lights in the game area that allow day and night play, the game areas are fully grassed, and there are showers and changing rooms for both men and women to return to some semblance of normalcy before a post-game food session.

Round II

When you go back, or when you are extending your current session, there’s a full range of packages to match your level of seriousness. No joke…you could be there all day. It’s that much fun.

PS. If anyone wants to gather a team to challenge the GoNabit team, give us a shout! Remember, we’re not good but we’re fun-ish ;)


“So much of paintballing is about atmosphere. It’s no good kitting up with mask, khakis and weapon if you still feel like you’re running around a golf course. That’s where Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club’s paintball park excels.” – Time Out Dubai

What You Get

One Paintball Bronze package for one person

Fine print

Voucher valid till April 29, 2011
You may buy one voucher per person
You may buy multiple vouchers as gifts for friends/family
Advance booking recommended
Not valid in combination with any other offers

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Business Info

Sharjah Paintball Park
Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club
Tel: +971 6 548 7777

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