How GoNabit works

GoNabit for Nabbers (buyers)

Every day we feature a great new deal in your city at up to 90% off things to see, eat and do locally. You get an easy way to try local businesses and enjoy your city – while saving!

  1. Sign-up to get our daily email and we send this new deal to you each day.
  2. Purchase the daily deal. You only get charged – and get the deal – if enough people buy and the "deal is on".
  3. You get your Nabit voucher the next business day after the deal closes.
  4. Print the voucher and redeem it at the local business.
  5. Take a picture, send us a review, and tell your friends.
  6. Come back to and repeat!


How GoNabit Works


Check out some of our Nabbers caught in the Nab!


GoNabit for Businesses

GoNabit bridges the gap between buzz and buy. Ads shouldn't be about only raising awareness but actually bringing customers through your door to try you out.

Deals on GoNabit drive hundreds of customers through your door giving you the chance to win repeat business.

Since we are a pure performance-based customer-creation engine, this makes GoNabit a risk-free, effective, measurable marketing solution where you only invest in the people who make a financial commitment to trying you out.

People spreading word of your deal gives your brand word-of-mouth amplified, and a steady stream of new customers.

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