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Royal Diwan

Scent is arguably the strongest of the five senses. Whether it’s a freshly brewed rakweh of coffee, the ocean breeze, or your teta’s living room, nothing draws a smile faster or conjures up memories more than a comforting smell. Immerse yourself in scents fit for a king or queen with today's deal: for 25 KD, you get 50 KD worth of perfumes at Royal Diwan. Choose from a selection of five perfumes below and treat yourself or a someone special to a fragrant feast for the senses. Voucher valid till February 24, 2011.

Fit for a Princ-scent

The Arab world has played a pivotal role in the history of perfumes. The earliest perfume bottles were in fact found in Egypt around 1000 BC. Sage leaders recommended all subjects use incense, flowers and aromatic oils to perfume their bodies at least once a week. Heed the words of your elders with today’s deal of 50KD worth of perfumes at Royal Diwan.

Royal Diwan perfumery is renowned for producing the most sought after and sublime smelling products in the Middle East. Each perfume concocted in their labs has been conceptualized especially for their customers to meet their needs and desires. Presented in gorgeous bottles, a scent from Royal Diwan makes a perfect gift or a fragrant indulgence for neglected wrists and necks.

50 Scent

Today’s deal offers you 50 KD worth to spend on the following perfumes:

  1. Heart of the Ocean (30KD)
  2. Fazaa Malki Set. (40 KD)
  3. Vego Men Black. (10 KD)
  4. Vego Men Sport (12 KD)
  5. Doha (10 KD)

Royal Diwan’s friendly staff will guide your nose on your scented journey through their extensive collection. Spritz. Wait a few seconds for the scent to settle. Then take a slow deep breath to allow every note of the fragrance to penetrate your olfactory glands and make your choice. You can mix and match, buy all at once or revisit the olfactory oasis to spend your Nabit. Each fragrance is presented in a gorgeous signature Royal Diwan bottle and upon request, will be wrapped immaculately.

Nab now and treat your senses to sublime scents.

What You Get

50 KD worth of perfumes at Royal Diwan

Fine print

Voucher valid till February 24, 2011
Voucher valid in all branches
Voucher valid for perfumes listed only
You may redeem one voucher per person
You may buy multiple vouchers for friends and family
Not valid with any other promotions

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

Royal Diwan
Magateer Complex,
Habeeb Menawer Street,
Mezzanine Floor
Tel: 24754041

Family Center,
Opposite to Parking.
Ground Floor
Tel: 23915352

Emirates Souq
after the Jahra Coop
Mezzanine floor

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