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Elche Salon & Spa

The face is the most expressive part of the body, revealing our experiences and our inner most thoughts when our mouths are otherwise occupied with flattery. Reward your face for its unspoken hard work and honesty with today's restorative deal of 19KD for a 120 minute No.1 Elche Facial at Elche Salon & Spa, worth 38 KD. Nab now and put your best face forward. Voucher valid till March 27, 2011.

Elche Salon & Spa is a full-service day spa staffed by a friendly flock of experienced aestheticians in the Gulf Hotel in Salmiya. Offering a vast range of facial, body and hair treatments, the staff at Elche’s pristine premises will pamper and preen every inch of your body fit to royal standard. Today’s deal offers you a 120 minute no.1 Elche Facial that and will leave your gorgeous skin turning heads all over town.

Put in Some Face Time

Your No.1 Facial will consist of a thorough cleaning, steaming, extracting, and a custom mask. Elche’s therapist will infiltrate enzymes and nutrients into your pores to rejuvenate the skin, stimulate cell renewal, and leave your cheeks soft and glowing. All the ingredients in Elche’s signature products are handpicked and hand-mixed by trained herbalists. The ingredients are then blended with mineral-rich thermal water to yield potent products that produce amazing, regenerative results immediately. Your facial will end with a soothing face and neck massage to revive your work weary nerves and de-stress your skin.

Elche offers a huge range of treatments, both in their spotless salon or brought to your home. Compliment your facial with a 30 minute Anti-Stress Massage (14 KD), a Botanical Balancing Treatment for your Hair (23 KD), indulge in a guilt-free Peruvian Chocolate Manicure (9 KD) or even try out their signature Flavour of the Month treatments.

Nab today’s deal and treat those hardworking pores to some much deserved pampering!

What You Get

120 minute No. 1 Elche Facial at Elche Salon & Spa

Fine print

Voucher valid until March 27, 2011.
You may redeem one voucher per person
You may buy multiple vouchers as gifts for friends/family
Voucher valid for women only
Advance booking required
Must quote GoNabit voucher when booking
No cash back or carry over
Offer cannot be combined with other promotions

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Business Info

Elche Salon & Spa
1st Floor Gulf Hotel, Baghdad St
Salmiya, Kuwait
Phone: 2572 1030 or 6666 5715
Hours: Mon-Sat 9.30am-9pm. Closed Sundays
Official Website
Facebook page
Twitter page

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