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Tubers - Dubai Marina

An impeccably baked potato is like the little black dress of the food world. It can be decked out with caviar and truffle oil, dressed down with chili con carne and sour cream or go really casual with baked beans and cheddar cheese. Always modest and never out of style, but only if baked to perfection. If you’re avoiding them because you’re afraid of the "C" word (you know, calories), reconsider, because today’s scrumptious healthy deal will knock your socks off. Dig into a hearty gourmet potato with any filling, a fresh salad and a soft drink for only AED 12 at Tubers Gourmet Baked Potatoes. With 25 mouth-watering fillings to choose from, Tubers is bringing sexy back to the plain old buttery baked potato.

Who could resist this ultimate comfort food – starchy, warm and filling, baked potatoes are the perfect antidote to a chilly Dubai night. So humble and delicious, they’re like an open canvas, with creativity you can top it with anything: from simple to sumptuous. And luckily with today’s deal, Nabbers will be indulged by Tubers, the first premium providers of Gourmet Baked Potatoes.

My big fat Idaho potato

Tubers serves up tantalizing gourmet potatoes artfully bejeweled with an assembly of imaginative fillings from around the world: Honolulu, London, Jakarta and even the City of Brotherly Love. Each potato is handpicked, washed, prepped and baked for 1 hour to lock in that delicious taste and topped with one of their delectable 25 fillings. Their potatoes are low in sodium, high in nutritional benefits with snowy white flesh that’s packed with real flavors and topped with their unique trademark swirl that is infused with a dash of color to match your pomme de terre.

The menu is divided into 3 portions: Classic, Indulgence and Fusion and today’s Nabit is allowing to choice whichever Tuber your stomach desires. Creative Nabbers can go Asian and dig into the Thai Basil with Lemongrass Curry served with either chicken, beef or prawn. Or choose the Indonesian Satay with chicken or beef, perfectly flavored with peanut sauce, it’ll make you go nuts. If you’re feeling cheesy, go for the Philadelphia Steak filling with grilled lean beef, cheese sauce and caramelized onions. Veggivores can tuck into the Chinese Vegetable Stir with Tofu aka fake chicken.

Wedged at the end of JBR, Tubers is a cozy little hang out with warm friendly staff and service. Nab enough Nabits for the whole family and enjoy a comfy lunch, dinner or afternoon snack at Tubers. With today’s deal your gourmet tatter will be accompanied with a fresh green salad and an ice cold soft drink. And if that’s not delicious enough, there is also free parking, just make sure you get your ticket stamped and drive away with a full belly.

One potato, two potato, three potato, four. Five potato, six potato, seven potato, more. N A B spells "nab right now".

What You Get

Gourmet Baked Potato, Salad and Soft Drink for One at Tubers

Fine print

Voucher valid until April 31, 2011.
You may buy unlimited vouchers for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for friends/family.
Dine in or take-away only.
Free valet parking.

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Business Info

Dorrabay Building, Shop 1
Dubai Marina, end of JBR Walk
Sat- Thurs 11am – 10pm
Friday 2pm – 10pm
Tel: 800 JOE (563)
Official Website

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Questions About the Deal

  • GoNabitDubai .. (Posted on 1/28/11)
    Hi Sabiha,
    The jet boating deal expired so unfortunately you can’t purchase it for AED 99.
  • Sabiha H. (Posted on 1/27/11)
    hi Want to book a friend for Jet Boat it still possible for 99 dhs ?
  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 1/27/11)
    Hi Alia,
    You must have received a confirmation email from us about the payment being processed successfully. The vouchers are sent within 24 hours of the deal closing (in this case on Monday). Happy Nabbing.
    GoNabit Support
  • alia n. (Posted on 1/27/11)
    when will i receive my vouchers? i paid through my credit and received nothing though the deal tipped.
  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 1/27/11)
    Hi Vinita,
    This deal is valid for dine in and take-away only.
    GoNabit Support
  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 1/27/11)
    Hi Adeel,
    They are located at the end of JBR in Dorrabay building Shop 1. Happy Nabbing.
    GoNabit Support
  • vinita p. (Posted on 1/27/11)
    Can i place the order over the phone for a delivery if i bought this deal?
  • Adeel M. (Posted on 1/27/11)
    Can someone tell me the exact location please. Is it to the end where pizza company and kfc are ?

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