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ShuiQi Spa & Fitness at Atlantis, The Palm

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Christopher Columbus discovered turkeys, hammocks and pineapples on his journey to the New World. And it was Magellan's calm journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific which gave the Pacific its name. Usually it's about the journey, not the destination. But today's Nabit is about both. For only AED 690 per person, Nirvana-seekers may discover inner-calm through the Journey of Relaxation: all-day pool, beach & sauna access at Atlantis, a 2-hour-and-15-minute Shiseido Qi full body massage, facial, and Japanese foot bath, followed by sushi at ShuiQi Spa & Fitness at Atlantis, The Palm (original value AED 1380). A journey of a thousand smiles begins with a single nab.

Today's deal takes Nabbers on a journey to the newly launched spa at Atlantis: ShuiQi Spa & Fitness. Nabbers are invited to be of the first to experience firsthand the ShuiQi philosophy after Atlantis' new partnership with Shiseido. A pioneer of the 19th century, Shiseido unites eastern traditions and philosophies with western science and technology, and continues on an unwavering 130 year quest to discover the best health and beauty solutions.

More than a massage

For believers of the saying 'It's not where you go, but who you're with' buy two Nabits and share the journey with a loved one by booking the couples room. Show up for your appointment a few hours early and spend a few hours frolicking in the pool or digging your toes into the sand on the beach. And then get ready for some indulgent pampering. First, Nabbers will be treated to a Japanese foot bath ritual, followed by a Shiseido Qi full body massage, where the therapist will use unique Japanese techniques to stimulate Tsubo points, allowing positive energy to flow through your body, boosting lymphatic micro circulation. And nothing is more soothing and relaxing than the hot Japanese 'Oshibori' towels.

Secret Facial

The best journeys are the ones that involve mystical secrets from far away places, and today's journey is no different. The special Qi facial incorporates a Japanese Spa Secret, a Qi Massage Cream containing Japanese and Chinese plant extracts. Nabbers' faces will be deep cleansed, steamed, exfoliated and masked. Like the body, the face will also be massaged, stimulating Tsubo points to release tension and stress, leaving Nabbers with radiant and rejuvenated skin. The Shiseido skincare line feeds skin with thirst quenching ingredients, leaving even the most dry and sensitive skin hydrated and soothed. And the 'Oshibori' towels are the icing on the cake. The end of a journey can leave travelers wanting more. Today's Nabit won't leave Nabbers hanging. After the euphoric treatment, nibble on Sushi in the relaxation room, with a choice of Salmon, Tuna, Prawn, Cucumber, Chicken or California rolls.

No two journeys are the same, so once the Nabit journey has been completed, make sure to come back for more. Even if it's just to admire the Japanese orchids, or to be soothed by the earthy hues and the serene water wall and pathway that guides guests on their voyage to tranquility and onto the 27 treatment rooms. But once at ShuiQi Spa & Fitness at Atlantis, it may be a little tempting to indulge in one of the exclusive Shiseido signature treatments which have been designed exclusively for the spa.

Begin the journey of a thousand smiles with a single nab.

What You Get

Pool, beach & sauna access, 2-hour-and-15-minute Shiseido Qi full body massage, facial, Japanese foot bath, and sushi for 1 person.

Fine print

Limited quantity available.
Voucher valid until March 25, 2011.
You may buy & redeem 1 voucher per person.
Advance booking required.
Must be at least 16 years old.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

ShuiQi Spa & Fitness
Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah
Tel: +971 4 426 1020
Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm
[email protected]

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Questions About the Deal

  • GoNabit D. (Posted on 11/24/10)
    Hi Mumtaz,
    Unfortunately we're completely sold out, no more vouchers left. But stay tuned we have more exciting deals coming up :)
    Reem - Community Manager
  • mumtaz d. (Posted on 11/24/10)
    is too late to buy one?
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/24/10)
    Hi George,
    Believe the customer service team helped you nab this deal :) Need anything else please let us know.
    Reem - Community Manager
  • george k. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    can you reserve from me one voucher
    im trying to log in to buy credit but it seem there's some difficulties in pay pall

  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Hi Amarou,
    Yes this can be used on weekends and any day of the week, just make sure to book in advance. Voucher valid until March 25, 2011.
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Hi Anita,
    You can buy this deal while quantities last on GoNabit Sharjah and GoNabit Abu Dhabi page. Call us on 04-449-3150 and we'll help you nab this deal now.
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Anita B. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    I have been trying to buy 2 vouchers (one for me and one for my hubby) for the last 15 minutes but when I click on BUY the page does not go anywhere. Now there is only 1 voucher left so no point! I am not impressed.
  • Danielle K. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Hi Nicola C,
    The minimum age is 16, so as long as your daughter is 16 feel free to bring her along :) Enjoy the girlie bonding!
    Danielle K - Community Manager
  • Amarou F. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    hi Danielle,
    great deal! can the deal be applied on week ends and saturdays or are there day restrictions?
    till when are the vouchers valid for use?
  • Nicola C. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Hi - are teens allowed? I would like to buy one for my daughter to come with me. Thanks N
  • Danielle K. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Hi Adriana,
    Yes the Nabit is for both men and women :) The deal ends tomorrow at midnight so vouchers will be sent on Thursday, so you can start using it then (once you've made your appointment). Hope that helps.
    Thanks, Danielle K - Community Manager
  • Danielle K. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Hi Nurul,
    How you doing? :) The 2 hour 15 minutes includes the massage, the facial, and the foot bath. Let me know if you have any more questions.
    Thanks, Danielle K - Community Manager
  • Adriana J. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Is it for females and males?
    And if I for ex. bought it, would i be able to use it as soon as next week?
  • Nurul Z. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Hi guys - is the 2 hour 15-minute full body massage include the facial and the foot bath, or does the facial and again foot bath come AFTER the 2 hour 15-minute massage? (eeepp hope you understand what I'm getting at ;/)

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