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Al Hurr Falconry Services

It's traded like gold bullion, it's faster than a Ferrari (reaching speeds of up to 350 km/h), and in the UAE it even has its own passport, but the falcon remains an elusive mystery. Where does it come from? Where does it go? Why does it exercise such fascination among Emiratis, compared to the eagle or the hawk? Get together a group of 10 for a special group price of only AED 500 to learn what makes this regal bird tick and watch both the falcon and the falconer in action in this 90 minute “The Falcon Experience & Show” with Al Hurr Falconry Services (original value AED 1000).

Alternatively, individuals can nab this deal for  a Nabit price of AED 80.

Recommended timings: Friday & Saturday mornings. For other days/timings please call Al Hurr Falconry Services.

Meet the Falconer, Learn about the Falcon

Had Humphrey Bogart ever laid eyes upon Al Hurr’s majestic perengrine falcons, “The Maltese Falcon” would have been shot in Dubai. Their cute names, such as “Mack the Knife”, “Joey”, “Bandit”, “The Stig”, “Abigail” & “Ice Ice Baby”, betray none of the ferocity these precious birds show in flight.

The Falcon Experience & Show begins at the Falcon Heritage Center, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Meydan Racecourse in Nad el Sheba. Meet David, the Falconer, who will show you around the souk, which is the only place in Dubai where falcons can be legally purchased.

Next, learn directly from the expert on how to differentiate between falcon breeds, between the tibba and the shahin, and learn how the Falcon achieves its jaw-dropping speed or how its flight differs from the hawk or the eagle. Watch how the falcon transforms when its hood is taken off, bobbing its head, glaring at its audience with a baleful eye. Be sure to smile - if it takes a liking to you, you might even get a chance to hold it.

Finally, watch the Falconer demonstrate the training style used to work a falcon, and how the falcon is first released before being lured back from its rabid hunt for prey. The falcon is a majestic sight as it rises and zooms in, eyes riveted, talons expectant, blood-thirsty.

The entire Falcon Experience & Show is approximately 90 minutes long.

Behind Every Successful …

Behind every successful falcon, there is a falconry service. Al Hurr Falconry Services provides a diverse range of services: private falconry displays, renting out falcons for roles in advertisements and televisions commercials, and pigeon control services. Indeed, while the city of Dubai goes about its business during the day, Al Hurr’s falcon-superheroes keep Dubai’s iconic skyscrapers clear of pigeons without killing them (hunting is illegal in the UAE) – an environment-friendly form of pest control.

Nab this deal now to learn more about the falcon, the UAE’s beloved national bird.

What You Get

The Falcon Experience & Show for a group of ten people. Approx duration: 90 minutes.

Fine print

Voucher valid until April 26, 2011.
You may buy one voucher for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for your friends/family.
Children under the age of 3 go free.
Refreshments are provided.
Booking required 48 hours in advance.
Friday & Saturday mornings recommended. For others, please call Al Hurr.
Not valid in combination with any other promotion.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

Al Hurr Falconry Services,
Falcon Heritage Center,
Near Meydan Racecourse, Dubai.
[email protected]
Official Website
Mob: 050-7966294
Al Hurr on Facebook

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