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50% off Two Hour Morning Cooking Class at L’atelier des Chefs

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AED350 50% AED175
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L'atelier des Chefs

If your expertise in the kitchen doesn't go beyond making scrambled eggs (remember: the shell is inedible) and BCB sandwiches (bread, cheese, bread) then today's deal will get you one step closer to cooking like the Masterchef you long to be. For only AED 175, today’s Nabit gets you a 2 hour morning cooking class at L’atelier des Chefs (original value AED 350). Upgrade from drive-thru meals, graduate from microwave-button pressing, and adopt the culinary skills you've always wanted. Classes start December 1, 2010 and are held from 10am-12pm.

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Suitably named “The Chefs Workshop”, at L’atelier des Chefs you truly become an Iron Chef (ok maybe not that good but you’ll be able to make more than a plain cheese sandwich). Founded in 2004, L’atelier des Chefs is a cooking, learning and entertaining concept all rolled into one. With a network of 12 outlets in France, Belgium and in the UK, each day more than 1,000 people enjoy cooking classes in half to three hour sessions, designed for individuals and corporate gatherings.

Allez Cuisine!

The professional Chef Gregory takes you through the ins and outs of preparing a gourmet meal. You’ll learn basic cooking techniques, new recipes and even how to chop an onion without tearing. With today’s deal, Nabbers will have exclusive morning classes scheduled on the L’atelier des Chefs website which will be updated end of November.

There are several 2-hr All About cooking sessions Nabbers can choose from. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make your own pasta, book for the “All About: Pasta making with Mediterranean flavours”. Sign-up for a chocolate affair with the “All About: Chocolate” classes and learn how to make Gooey Chocolate and Pecan Nut Brownies, Chocolate Cupcakes and Melted Chocolate Cream with Shortbread. There is also French cuisine, Thai flavors, Tapas, Macaroons and so much more to pick from. And the best part, once you’re done cooking, the state of the art kitchen will magically transform into a dining area where you and your friends can sample the fruits of your labor. Recipes will also be emailed once the class is complete so you’ll be ready to dazzle and impress at your next dinner party.

Meet your chef

Born and raised on the outskirts of Strasbourg in France, Chef Gregory fell in love with the culinary arts at a very early age. Apprentice at 16 years old in a traditional restaurant in Alsace, Gregory leaves town to work in three Michelin star restaurants with famous chefs like Jean Georges Klein, Alain Ducasse, George Blanc and Emile Jung. He then traveled to various countries such as New Caledonia and Florida to learn and discover different ways of cooking. Now, Chef Gregory joins L'atelier des Chefs in Dubai to share his knowledge and passion with students eager to learn the art of cooking.

Stop, nab and smell the rosemary today.

What You Get

Two hour morning cooking class for one

Fine print

Voucher valid until January 31, 2011.
You may buy 1 voucher for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for your friends/family.
Classes start December 1, 2010.
Valid for morning classes only.
Use GoNabit voucher code to book classes on
Beverages not included.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

L’atelier des Chefs
Le Méridien Dubai
Al Garhoud - Airport Road
Mobile: 056 6900 480

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  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Hi Saj,
    Glad you're interested int his offer. We will speak to L’atelier des Chefs to make sure there is a Chocolate class on a weekend so you can learn how to make all those yummy desserts - and eat them too :)
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Saj A. (Posted on 11/23/10)

    I know you say that a weekend class will be available, but what happens if we can't find a suitable class. I would really like to buy for the Chocolate Lovers class, but only thing stopping me is that I may not get a place. Would we be eligible for a refund if nothing is available at a suitable time for us.

  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Hi Aarti,
    How are you doing? All morning classes start 10am-12pm and then you will have your meals after the class. Here is the list of classes that will be offered:
    Pasta Making
    Sweet Mille Feuilles
    French Classic
    Thai Flavors
    Arabic Flavors
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    Good morning Caroline,
    For this deal L’atelier des Chefs will schedule specific classes for GoNabit voucher holders and they will include 1-2 classes every weekend for the months of December and January. So you will find a slot on weekend for sure :)
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Farukh Z. (Posted on 11/22/10)
    yes and then cook for me !
  • Caroline D. (Posted on 11/22/10)
    I like this deal but I have looked at their website and seems that weekend morning classes are sold our for November so what is the likelihood of a class being available at the weekend during the valid period? If I can't get a slot at the weekend can my voucher be refunded?
  • Aarti R. (Posted on 11/22/10)
    Is it possible to get a list of classes that will be offered, even if it doesnt' show us the schedule yet? Also, this voucher is just valid for morning classes? i.e their 11am slot?
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/22/10)
    Hi Lama,
    Actually after you finish cooking they will set up a dining table so you can enjoy the food you cooked or take it home if you wish. They have more options than just pasta and chocolate. There is French cuisine, Thai flavors, Tapas, Macaroons to name a few. The new schedule will be updated before Dec 1st and yes they will have a range of classes, some weekends and some weekdays.
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Lama F. (Posted on 11/22/10)
    NICE! :D
    But it should be okay to take the food home afterwards, right? Cz looks like it's all pasta and chocolate which don't suit my food allergies..I'd still love to learn some more gourmet cooking though if that works out.
    Are Saturdays included too btw?

    Thanks :]
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/22/10)
    Hi Hazel,
    Woohoo! You're going to love it. Yes classes for GoNabit voucher holders will start December 1st and the schedule for classes will be updated next week.
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Hazel G. (Posted on 11/22/10)
    ive just bought the voucher, so we can only sign up for this after the 1st of december?

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