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Esquires Coffee Houses

Coffee's an important peacekeeper in Dubai (and everywhere else). It brings people together, stops boardroom brawls, prevents break-ups, and saves jobs. It speaks every language, comforts, and never judges - even if last night was a bit of a crazy one. And as the world became more health-conscious and organic, coffee did too. For only AED 20, satisfy caffeine cravings and munch on some nosh with today's Nabit of AED 40 worth of food and drinks to spend at Esquires Coffee House. Nab it and discover one of the few places in Dubai to serve 100% certified organic Fairtrade coffee.

On top of its loving qualities, coffee comes in all sorts of different sizes and flavors, and goes with just about anything. Use today's Nabit at Esquires Coffee Houses for a Flavored Latte (AED 17-21) with a slice of mouth-watering Brownie Pecanut Pistachio (AED 16). Or snack on a Panini Turkey Ham & 3 Cheese (AED 24) and sip on a tall Organic Ice Tea (AED 14). Go light and have a Greek Salad (AED 22) and let the kids enjoy Milkshakes (AED 22-24), and a delicious Apple Cinnamon Muffin (AED 11).

Whatever sandwich, salad, quiche or dessert you choose to have with your coffee, it'll be a perky part to any day. Bring your laptop along and make use of the free WiFi at Esquires Coffee Houses by catching up on all the emails you've been meaning to write to friends and family back home. Coffee mornings, coffee dates, or a sneaky late night bite and chit-chat wouldn't be the same without some company, so nab a few for friends too. If the boardrooms at work are stifling creativity, nab a few more and invite colleagues for meetings at Esquires Coffee Houses - the light bulbs won't stop shining in this bright coffee house.

Caffeine addict or not, make sure to stop in before work, for lunch, a snack or anytime between 8am to midnight any day of the week. Esquires Coffee Houses in Dubai can be found on Jumeriah Beach Road.

Rise and nab this deal today.

What You Get

AED 40 worth of food and drinks at Esquires Coffee Houses in Dubai

Fine print

Voucher valid until April 29, 2011.
You may buy one voucher per person.
Only valid at Dubai branch.
No cash back or carryover.

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Business Info

Esquires Coffee Houses
Jumeriah Beach Road
Next to Sizzler Restaurant
Tel: 04-3444426
Open: 8am to Midnight daily

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