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Dreamland Aqua Park

If staring at your tropical rainforest screensaver is the closest you've come to nature lately then roll that cursor to Buy and click it. Because for only AED 500, today’s Nabit gets Nabbers overnight camping experience and two day water park access for 2 adults at Dreamland Aqua Park (original value AED 1,000). Dust the cobwebs off the swimming trunks and start practicing your scariest campfire stories. Your experience includes a BBQ dinner, breakfast and lunch and the option to sleep in an air-conditioned wooden cabins or tents with top-of-the-line camping equipment provided. And for the little ones under 10, click here to nab this deal for just AED 200.

It's November and that can only mean one thing. It's time to spend more time in the outdoors without worrying about melting faster than ice in an oven. With today's deal Nabbers can head to Dreamland Aqua Park in Umm Al Quwain, a short 40 minute drive from Dubai and splash around for 2 days and spend the night barbecuing, swimming and sleeping under the stars. This Nabit can be used any day of the week except for Fridays and Public holidays.

Camping Schedule

  • 10am: Campers can enter directly to the aqua park and enjoy all water activities
  • 3pm: Check-in time into tents/ wooden cabins
  • 5:30pm: BBQ meats provided for each camper to use at their grill station
  • 6pm: Park closing time
  • 6:30pm onwards: Campers have access to the Mighty Go Round pool
  • Next day 8:30am - 10:30am: Breakfast served at Atlantis Restaurant inside the aqua park
  • 12pm: Check-out time from accommodation
  • 2:00pm: Lunch will be served in Atlantis restaurant
  • 6pm: Park closing time

Splish, Splash

Dreamland Aqua Park provides a liquid paradise for all ages with 250,000 square meter expanse of lush, green, landscaped gardens and over 30 thrilling rides, slides, and fun. Pump up your adrenalin with the Family Raft Ride or float as if you were in the Dead Sea in the high-salinity pool. Children will enjoy the Mini Zoo featuring monkeys, ponies and deer and those who enjoy lounging around with a drink in their hand can laze in the enormous Jacuzzi or Pool Bar, a fully licensed bar which offers a variety of beverages and snacks. Dreamland also has several restaurants with cuisines from all around the world, from delicious Russian food to tasty Indian fare and mouth-watering Lebanese cuisine, in addition to all your favorite fast food treats.

Take the plunge and nab this deal now.

What You Get

Overnight camping and water park access for 2 adults at Dreamland

Fine print

Voucher valid until March 31, 2011.
You may buy 1 voucher for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for your friends/family.
Children below 2 years old get in for free.
3 day advanced booking required.
Tents and cabins subject to availability.
Not valid on Fridays for overnight stay.
Not valid during Public holidays.
Service charge included.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

Dreamland Aqua Park
Ras Al Kheimah Highway
Umm al Quwain
Tel: 06 7681888
Opening hours: 10am- 6pm
Dreamland on Facebook

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Questions About the Deal

  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/11/10)
    Hi Elaine,
    We got your email, thank you for that. Someone will get in touch with you shortly to help :)
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Elaine S. (Posted on 11/11/10)
    hi i purchased the adult nabit and went back to book my 3 yr old son and it had closed can u help me out with a childs ticket pls?
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/10/10)
    Hi Rana,
    Sure! Dreamland has tents and wooden cabins which accommodate up to 4 people but if you’re a party of 4 or more they’ll get you an additional tent or more beds :) Check out the pics on our Facebook page or Dreamland website. Your children qualify for the kids price which is AED 200 per child (AED 600 in total) and can be nabbed here: http://www.gonabit.com/dubai/dreamland-aqua-park-kids.html
    Have fun and make sure to send us lots of pics :)
    Reem – Community manager
  • Rana Y. (Posted on 11/10/10)
    Reem kindly could you tell me what kind of accomodation is provided in this offer?
    Also, I have 3 children age of 3, 9 & 10 can I know the sum which should be paied?
    Thank you!
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/10/10)
    Hi Poonam,
    Yes all meals will be served at Dreamland. They have a restaurant called Atlantis where breakfast and lunch will be served and campers will be given meat to do their own BBQ at the grill stations at the camp area. Of course Dreamland also caters to vegetarians offering a special menu which included vegetable salad, veg pizza, vegetable, cheese and spinach samosa and vegetable skewers.
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Poonam R. (Posted on 11/10/10)

    Could you please clarify whether the breakfast and lunch will be inside the main complex or also a BBQ as the dinner is? Also, do you cater for vegetarians?

  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/10/10)
    Hi Alison,
    Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place to help answer your questions.
    Each Nabit includes the following: two day water park entrance for 2 people, plus overnight stay in either a cabin or tent (whatever is available during the time you book), and the BBQ dinner, breakfast and lunch. All this for AED 500 for 2 adults. Kids over 10 years of age will be charged the same, AED 500 for 2 kids over 10 years old. How many of you are planning to go? Email us on [email protected] or call 04-4493150 and we’ll help you nab correct number of Nabits you need. Waiting for your call :)
    Reem – Community Manager
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/10/10)
    Hi Swathy,
    Since Eid holidays are from Nov 15-20th, unfortunately this Nabit cannot be used during this period. However if you would like to go on your own, yes the price for 2 adults is AED 1,000 and includes all the activites mentioned. Please call them to check for availability during the Eid break.
    Reem – Community Manager
  • Alison C. (Posted on 11/10/10)
    Hi, I'm afraid I am still not clear on exactly how much it will cost to take additional children over 10. I understand they are counted as adults but would they just pay the park admission price or is there an additonal cost for staying the cabins/tents? Also, how do they get included in the BBQ/breakfast/lunch deal? Do we have to buy 2 Nabit deals but then we only want one tent/cabin which could sleep 4? Please help!
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/10/10)
    Good morning Danielle,
    Give us a call on 04-4493150 and we'll help you nab this deal today – either with PayPal, cash or chocolates ;)
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Danielle O. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hello trying to grab this nab it but paypal is stating that they dont deliver to dubai?? do we need to pay another way, please advise thank you
  • Swathy N. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    If we are going on a holiday like on 15th, will be able to use this Deal??
    Also if we go on a holiday, the actual charges of AED 1000.00 will apply, inclusive of all those activities mentioned here, am i correct??
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Imran,
    Glad to hear you're interested and we're here to help you nab this deal. Here are the answers to your questions:
    1 - You can request to sleep in a tent or a cabin, it just depends on what is available. They have 10 cabins and 30 tents so don't worry, you're not gonna be sleeping in the pool ;)
    2- Of course you can go Thursday enjoy your day and spend the night there and you will also have access to the water park all of Friday. The condition to this Nabit is that Nabbers cannot spend the night on Friday and cannot redeem the voucher during Public holidays.
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Imran H. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    I am interested to buy this deal. I have couple of question:

    1) It is mentioned in FIne Print "Tents and cabins subject to availability. ". Does that mean there are chances we dont get tent as well as cabib??
    2) Can i go on Thursday and come back on Friday?


  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Murtaza,
    That's excellent. You're family is going to love it. Yes you can go on a Saturday and check out on Sunday. If your children are under 10 make sure you nab this kids price (AED 200 per child) http://www.gonabit.com/dubai/dreamland-aqua-park-kids.html
    If you would like a cabin or tent, give Dreamland a call on 06 7681888 and you can check what's available on Saturday and book though them. Anything else please let us know.
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for your question. Yes the Dreamland Nabit isn't valid during Public holidays because they're actually already fully book for Eid. Sorry you wont be able to go on Nov 16th but why don't you guys pick another date and let us know so we can help you nab this deal :) you can email us on [email protected]
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Murtaza M. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    I want to come on Saturday 13th Novemeber and checkout on Sunday 14th November will that be covered by this voucher for me and my family (2 adults 3 kids); what about availaibility of cabin/tent?
  • jenny b. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    hi mr. reem, me and my colleagues (20pax) are planning to come on nov. 16. if we buy it now is it ok if we go on nov. 16 because on the voucher it says it not valid on holiday. thanks
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Noura,
    Thanks for your question :) Yes this Nabit includes: 2 day access to the water park, overnight camping, BBQ dinner where Dreamland will give you the meat so you can barbecue at your camp area. Then next day breakfast and lunch too. All this for just AED 500 for 2 people :)
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Rita,
    Children under 2 get in for free yay :) Unfortunately Dreamland doesn't have any bed-cots for babies but please feel free to bring your own. And yes the BBQ, breakfast and lunch are included in the price plus you get 2 day access to the water park - is that great or what? ;) Any additional person will be charged adult price and will have access to all activities and facilities. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask :)
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Valentina,
    Apologies for not being clear earlier. 13 year old students are counted as adults, the kids price is for children below 10. Any other questions please ask away.
    Reem - Comunity Manager
  • noura c. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    "Your experience includes a BBQ dinner, breakfast and lunch " does it mean that all of this are included in the price??
    Thanks for your clarifications
  • Valentina A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Sorry, Reem A., i asked price or deal for child of 13 years old !!! not below 10 years.
    thank you
  • Rita S. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Babies under 1,5 year should we pay for them?
    do u provide Bedcot for babies?

    does the offer includes BBQ expenses and breackfast and dinner?
    do u provide extra bed for maid? shallwe pay extra fees?

  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hey Shaza,
    Thanks for your questions :)
    Sure you can head to Dreamland on a Thursday afternoon, spend the day enjoying all the water activities, spend the night camping and you have all of Friday until 6pm to have more fun :) This Nabit is not valid during Public holidays and cannot be redeemed during Eid but you can be used it during Christmas and New Years :)
    Reem - Community Manager
  • shaza n. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    1-its possible that we come on thursday 2pm and spend the night untill friday afternoon?
    2-next thursday on 18nov is a government holiday (due 2 aid), can we use our nabit or not?!?
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Mohsin,
    The deal is live for another 37 hours so don't worry you have plenty of time to nab this deal :) Price for children under 10 is AED 200 and you can nab this deal for your children here: http://www.gonabit.com/dubai/dreamland-aqua-park-kids.html
    Have fun :)
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Rahaf,
    You can contact Dreamland on 06 7681888 to check for availability on the dates you would like to go. This Nabit is not valid on Fridays and Public holidays so unfortunately you will not be able to go between Nov 15-19 as that will be Eid. But do give them a call to check on alternate dates you would like to go on.
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Reem A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi Valentina,
    Price for children under 10 years old is AED 200. Please copy this link so you can nab the deal for kids: http://www.gonabit.com/dubai/dreamland-aqua-park-kids.html
    And kids below 2 get in for free :) Enjoy
    Reem - Community Manager
  • Mohsin A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    Hi, i wanna buy this, but i have children 7 and 5 years old. Do i need to pay extra amount to accomodate them. Kindly reply before the timeout for this deal.
  • Rahaf A. (Posted on 11/9/10)
    I'm interested, but how I can know if there is available booking there? For example I want to book between 15-19 Nov. Please advise.
  • Valentina A. (Posted on 11/8/10)
    We have one child of 13 years old, how and how much we have to pay for him? Baby of 4month is free? thank you

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