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Arabian Sinbad

Remember the time you had to play charades with the Arabic-speaking hairdresser? Only to leave the salon with a buzz cut instead of a trim. Contrary to what people think before they move to Dubai, living in an Arabic country does not mean becoming fluent in the language. Years later and “Marhaba”, “Shukran” and “Habibi” are the only words most expats can muster. Say “Ma'a as-Salaama” (goodbye) to a life of charades and for only AED 199 get an Arabic language kit from Arabian Sinbad, with DVDs, CDs and games to make learning Arabic more exciting (original value AED 420). Yalla, nab it now.

The Arabic language is one of the top 10 most spoken languages in the world. And with today’s deal, in addition to a ghatra and cute camel stuffed toy, you can go back home speaking Arabic like a bulbul.

Voted as the world’s best selling Arabic learning animated series, the Arabian Sinbad “Arabic Language Treasure” package is the most effective teaching tool that utilizes engaging language learning techniques through cartoon animation, clear pronunciation, repetition, music and song. It is developed and recommended by educators and offers adults, children and teachers a one-of-a-kind Arabic language learning tool. You’ll learn the alphabet, numbers, days and names of vegetables.

Inside the pack you’ll find:

  • 7 hours of animation on 10 DVDs with Arabic & English subtitles
  • One Sing-Along CD with 24 original songs
  • “Adventure Island” CD-ROM game
  • Activity and coloring books with 100+ stickers
  • Full size Arabic alphabet poster
  • 500 word illustrated dictionary
  • Parents and teacher user guide
  • 52 flash cards
  • Theater role-play book with play cards

Check out the website to watch a few videos of what you can learn with Arabian Sinbad. Nab this deal today and get free shipping anywhere in UAE. All you have to do is to give them a call, quote your voucher code and you’ll have the package delivered right to your doorstep.

Expand your vocabulary and nab this deal now.

What people are saying

“We recently purchased this set for my 3 yr old so that he can learn Arabic like his father and it is seriously the BEST purchase we have made. It is total immersion learning, but at the age my son is at, that's exactly what he needs. The great thing about this set is that he can watch the DVD's and be "immersed" in the language, and then when we actually start teaching (and using the included workbooks, CD-ROM, etc), he will already have a head start with pronunciation and the basic words b/c he's already been exposed to them!. My son asks every morning to watch Sinbad, so it's a winner with him too!!” Gabriele Hester

What You Get

One Arabian Sinbad "Arabic Language Treasure" Package

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Voucher valid until May 5, 2011.
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Suitable for all ages.
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