your blog + GoNabit referral link = free Nabits for life

You have a blog. You put some time into it writing passionately about what interests you and what really gets you up in the morning. Over time a few people discover it, and then a few more, and before you know it you have a little community growing of people with the same affinity. After a while you think that its time to make some money from these efforts - to pay for your time. You think: Google ads? Yeah, thanks for the $14.58 per month from that!

Since we’ve launched our referral rewards there’s now an easy way to leverage your existing audience to get great local stuff for nothing.

  1. Log into your GoNabit account, and go to the Referred Friends tab in My Account.
  2. Use the referral link when you link to GoNabit in your blog posts, tweets, Facebook shares, etc, and
  3. Grab an image like our logo or one of our banners, add it to your blog sidebar (use it wisely please), and use your personalized referral link as the hyperlink.

What does this little referral cocktail get you?

For everyone who comes to GoNabit through your personal referral link, joins, and makes their first purchase…you get $10 to spend on Nabits.

Why do both?

  • Using the link and banner on your site means you passively increase your referral reward chances.
  • Using the link in posts and tweets gets more chances is an active way of spreading your referral link beyond the limits of your site traffic.

So what?

With most Nabits costing between $10 and $60, if you’re getting one or two referral buys each day from even moderate blog traffic, there’s a great chance that you’ll never pay for another Nabit again.

…yeah, I know!

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