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ProMax Personal Training

2011 will be met with the three Cs: champagne, cotillions, and countless New Year’s resolutions. And just like the champagne and cotillions, 90% of resolutions disappear faster than your hangover, according to an unfinished report abandoned in mid-February. Break the tradition of dropping the ball with today’s deal of $40 for 2 personal training sessions with ProMax and nab a little support toning that body and feeling great in 2011. Voucher valid till May 1, 2011.

It’s too cold outside. I don’t have any clean sports clothes. Tomorrow I’ll start exercising for sure. If your reasoning skills get more of a workout than your body when you pass by the gym, it’s time to call in the big guns. With a BA in Physical Education and Sports and a Masters in Sports Management, Camille Attieh of ProMax Fitness & Adventures is the man to turn even the most reluctant bun into steel. Prior to chiselling your limbs in preparation for running up the Gemmayze steps to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”, Camille will first discuss your aims, analyze your current fitness level and body composition before planning a course of action to best achieve your goals.

Your personal training sessions will include:

  • Fitness Consultancy
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Fitness tests
  • Body shaping programs
  • Plyometrics (exercises designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system. We didn’t know what this meant either)
  • Stretching programs
  • Cardiovascular programs

With ProMax, you’ll reap the benefits of a motivating leader and a prescribed regimen designed to help you meet your targets. Take an appointment to drop by the spacious workout centre where you will smash through your long-standing fitness barrier like it's nothing more than a flimsy wall of bricks.

Whether you're already an athlete who needs sport-specific training to gain an edge on the tennis or basketball court or a chronic couch connoisseur who could use some personal attention to permanently vanquish extra jiggle, today’s deal will ensure your New Year’s resolution stays in your firm grasp all year long.

Nab now and celebrate 2011, a year fit for resolutions.

What You Get

2 Personal Training Sessions with ProMax

Fine print

Voucher valid until May 1, 2011.
You may redeem one voucher per person
You may buy multiple vouchers as gifts for friends/family
Valid for men and women
No cash back or carry over
Voucher code must be quoted when booking
VAT included in price

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Business Info

ProMax Adventures & Fitness
Bochrieh - Bambook Center - Block ''B'' - 9th Floor
Mobile: +961 3 955642
Email: [email protected]
Official Website
Facebook page

Questions About the Deal

  • Gilbert G. (Posted on 12/29/10)
    ohhh i see, its 2 sessions!! ignore my previous comment.
  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 12/29/10)
    Hi Gilbert,
    This deal is for 2 personal training sessions, you can use this in a week too and get toned faster :)
    GoNabit Support
  • Gilbert G. (Posted on 12/29/10)
    so is it for 1 month??

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