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Néo Gourmet

Mix one cup of relatives flying in from abroad, two cups of hyper children to entertain, and a teaspoon of your mother-in-law telling you your ‘aajeen isn’t crumbly enough and you have the perfect recipe for baking a Stress Pie. Today’s deal is offering you the chance to have someone else knead the dough with $10 for $25 worth of pastries from Neo Gourmet. Take off those oven gloves and give or receive the gift of gourmet elves this holiday season. Voucher valid till March 29, 2011.

The Chosen Bakery

Opened in 2009, Néo Gourmet is a pastry shop specializing in the creation of unique and innovative desserts. Their wide selection of cookies, cakes, muffins, pies and custom pastries are made with high quality all-natural ingredients to answer all your sweet cravings. Néo saves you the hassle of traffic by delivering your order, in beautifully designed and secure packages, directly to your doorstep!

A Slice of Heaven on your Doorstep

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Rêve de Café cookie ($14.67 for 500g), iced bite-sized coffee-flavoured discs, and the perfect accompaniment to your daily cup. Or indulge in the Double Pleasure cookies ($13.34 for 500g), double chocolate chip cookies to comfort the sharpest sugar craving. Revisit childhood memories with Nutella muffins ($1.33 each) for a breakfast straight from heaven. Or why not try Néo’s Charly Brownies ($2.67 each)? Packed full of walnuts, caramel and dense chocolaty goodness, these slabs of dark gold are big enough to share, even if they have to be pried from your cold dead hands.

Adventure seekers can taste the Corfu Cake ($16.01), a moist savoury cake dotted with olives and feta chunks or indulge in the all-star Carrot Cake ($24.01), topped with lashings of smooth cream-cheese frosting. Taste a slice of Paris with the Mille Feuilles Cake, ($24.01), made with one thousand layers of light, crispy pleasure. Or the Evasion Cake ($24.01), made with caramel and dates to transport you to a sticky exotic bazaar.

For you chocoholics out there, don’t miss the 100% Chocolat Cake ($24.01) rich, smooth and a delight for the senses. Or impress your guests with the crowd pleasing Chocolat Fondant ($2.67 each), prepared to perfection for you to warm and release the gooey velvet interior.

Check out Néo’s full menu here: and pick your delicious delights to wow your crowd this holiday season.

Step away from that stove and nab now. Sahtein!

What You Get

$25 worth of pastries at Néo Gourmet

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Voucher valid till March 29, 2011
Not valid on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve.
You may redeem one voucher per person
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No cash back or carryover.
VAT included in price.

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