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La Estancia Restaurant

If only Hannibal Lecter had discovered juicy Argentine steak, perhaps his turn to cannibalism could have been avoided. For no country has done more to keep first-class carnivores from biting into the vegetarian sitting next to them than Argentina. Salute the Gaucho grillers and taste prime cuts of Pampa beef with today’s deal of $20 for $45 worth of delicious Argentinean food & beverages at La Estancia, Gemmayze. Meat-lovers unite, bring along a vegetarian for good measure and nab juicy Buenos Aires bites. Voucher valid till March 14, 2011.

With the highest beef per capita consumption in the world, Argentina is a filet mignon away from using steak as currency. La Estancia has brought the Argentine passion for protein to Beirut. From the warm wooden decor, the waiters’ burracho trousers, and works by the renowned Argentinean photographer Aldo Sessa lining the walls, La Estancia transports Beirutis to Buenos Aires without booking a flight.

Don't go hungry for me Argentina

Delay your grass-fed gratification with Empanadas , thin pasty pockets filled with ham or beef and cheese, or Provoleta grilled marinated melted cheese oozing and stringing from plate to mouth (perfect for sharing). But who are you kidding, you’re here for some juicy Tango-tastic meat, right? Bite into the Bife de Chorizo, 300g of tender entrecote cut steak, tear into the 200g tenderloin cut Lomo or savour the Brochette Mixto, cubes of tenderloin and chicken cooked on sikh. La Estancia’s Chef Jose, the only Argentine chef in Lebanon, knows his cow inside out and grills each cut to perfection. All meat is flown in directly from Argentina and served with traditional Chimichurri and Criolla sauces.

It will be a challenge, but make sure you save room for dessert. La Estancia imports Dulce de Leche (Confiture de lait) to use as a base for their sweet offerings. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to taste this sweet golden syrup, you’ll know of its mystical addictive properties. The Dulce de Leche Creme Brulee and Chocolate Bombon will disappear from your plate faster than the value of Argentine Peso in 1999.

Gather your friends and nab a meaty meal at La Estancia today!

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$45 worth of food & beverages at La Estancia

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Voucher valid until March 14, 2011.
You may redeem one voucher per person
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Business Info

La Estancia
Gouraud Street, Gemmayzeh
Zihenni & Tirs Building, 8th Floor
Tel: 01 442-281
Cel: 03 236-206
Facebook Page
Official Website

Questions About the Deal

  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 1/14/11)
    Hi Wissam,
    Sorry you missed the deal, we do not have any additional vouchers.
    GoNabit Support
  • Wissam S. (Posted on 1/13/11)
    Hi Dani,
    i wanted to buy two vouchers for this deal, but i realized that i just missed it, is there by any chance that i can still buy this deal.
    Thanks you.
  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 1/13/11)
    Hi Fadi,
    One voucher is for one person only, but multiple people in a group can each have one voucher for themselves :)
    GoNabit Support
  • FAdi K. (Posted on 1/13/11)
    Can a group of friends all use coupons if they dine together?
    Or is it one coupon / table?

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