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Club Grappe

Club Grappe

Whether you want to impress a date, seal a deal with a client or invade France, a little wine expertise can go a long way. First lesson: fine wine improves over time. The longer you drink for, the more you enjoy it. Especially if you’re sipping in the vineyards of the Bekaa, surrounded by serene slopes, good friends and Lebanon’s finest wine experts. Nab today’s deal of 50% off Club Grappe’s 9th Anniversary Wine Tasting Trip on October 30th and uncork the rest of your education during an unforgettable day in the Bekaa. Voucher valid on October 30, 2010 only.

With today’s deal, Nabbers can join Club Grappe, Lebanon’s first wine tasting club, in celebrating their 9th anniversary with a special day trip to the Bekaa Valley on Saturday October 30, 2010. You and your friends will have a chance to taste a variety of wines, learn about wine making, and enjoy breathtaking surroundings. Can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday?

Rise and Wine!

Your day will begin at 10am in Sodeco Square where you will meet oenophile Carlos Khachan, the founder of Club Grappe, to embark on your adventure. From Beirut, the group's dedicated bus will take you to Jdita to visit the micro-winery Chateau Le Noble, one of the few wineries in the Middle East producing controversial “vins de garage”.

Not to be confused with the wine your jiddo makes behind his vintage Benz (fruity, with a hint of immediate medical attention), “vins de garage” are wines distilled using a method developed in the 1970s in Belgium, and tend to yield bolder, fruitier flavors than those of highly-tannic, traditional wines. At Le Noble, you will have breakfast, take part in a lesson on how to taste wines, and savor the winery's bold blends.

Journey to the Bottom of the Bottle

From Jdita, you will make your way to Cave Kouroum in Kefraya, one of the biggest wineries in the Middle East covering over 7500 m2 and holding an annual capacity of over 4 million litres of wine (one for each Lebanese) for your second wine tasting and a tour of the vineyard. From Kouroum you will continue onwards to the breathtaking Chateau Kefraya for a walk in the vast vineyard and a taste of some of Lebanon’s most famous wines, bottled since 1979.

Uh, what’s my name again?

Once you’ve sampled enough Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot blends to bring out your best Sean Connery impression, you can satiate your palate and recap on what you’ve learned over a mezze lunch at the Hotel Massabki in Chtaura, before arriving back in Sodeco Square at approximately 6pm.

Club Grappe’s anniversary trip also includes an informative wine booklet, transportation fees (so no worries about navigating those winding mountain roads wearing wine goggles) and free entrance to the 3rd Food and Wine Festival in Zouk Mikael, running from the 9th-12th December 2010 (valued at $17 per person).

Nab this deal now and receive an education you'll never forget! Keyskon!

What You Get

$20 for October 30th Wine Tasting Tour with Club Grappe, worth $40

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Valid for those aged 18 years and older only.
Voucher valid on October 30, 2010 only
Limit 1 voucher per person.
Price includes VAT.
Must book in advance.
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Business Info

Club Grappe
Mobile: 03 773-869
[email protected]
Official Website

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Questions About the Deal

  • Sarah K. (Posted on 10/6/10)
    Hi John,
    We're happy to hear you enjoyed the tour and the food at Hotel Massabki. Thanks for your support and we hope you'll nab our next deal :).

    Community Manager, Beirut
  • John A. (Posted on 10/6/10)
    I went on this tour last year. Hotel Massabki serves really good food!!
    Good Nabit but I'm waiting for the next one!
  • Sarah K. (Posted on 10/6/10)
    Hi Souhail, yes a mezze lunch at Hotel Massabki is included. Not a bad deal, eh? :)
    Thanks for your interest, hope you nab!

    Community Manager, Beirut
  • Souhail K. (Posted on 10/6/10)
    Is lunch included in the deal ??

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