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Wash and Fold

A long time ago, people waited for the rain to do their laundry. They put on their dirty clothes and ran out under the rain, splashing around long enough to make sure the stains washed away. Then they simply dried off when the sun came up. Fortunately, cleaning has been developed and put an end to this excessively time consuming chore. For only JOD 4 today’s deal gets Nabbers JOD 8.5 worth of laundry services for 7 kilograms of garments, including pick-up and delivery from WashAndFold. So gather up your dirties and get your clothes cleaned the new-fashioned way.
Voucher valid until July 5, 2011.

Everyone agrees there is nothing better than wearing a crisp white shirt in the morning and with today’s Nabit your wardrobe will be perfectly cleaned to the last thread. Shirts, dresses, ghatras, ties and even your underwear; everything under the garments category is welcome for cleaning. Detox a dirty shirt, trousers, jackets. How about that evening dress that swept the ballroom floors at your cousin’s wedding? Send it to WashAndFold to get it looking brand new, so it’s ready for another fun party. You can even get your comforter, bed sheets and pillow covers freshened up for a little “winter” cleaning.

Pressed for time?

Life can get a little hectic, with work, picking up groceries, making dinner, doing the dishes and tucking the kids in bed, the list of errands can get so long, it could probably be published into a novel. Call WashAndFold Laundry and they'll pick up your 7 kilograms of sorted laundry, wash, dry clean, fold, pack and drop them off at your place after 48 hours only. In the case of unsorted laundry you need to pay an additional extra JOD 3.

Nab this deal today and let someone else do your dirty laundry - all 7 kilograms of it.

What You Get

JOD 8.5 worth of laundry services for 7 kilograms of garments, including pick-up and delivery from WashAndFold

Fine print

Voucher valid until July 5, 2011.
Buy as many vouchers as you like for yourself, friends and family.
Free pick-up and home delivery.
Additional JOD 3 charge for unsorted laundry.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

WashAndFold - Amman, King Abdullah Street
Tel: +962-79-8877335
Call for free pick-up and delivery
Opening hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Daily

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