Today's Nabit: 53% off Large Shazooka Meal: Chicken Sandwich, Fries and Coke at Shawermama

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If you hear the name 'Shawermama' and your head perks up, then today's deal will make you happier than a new mama. Never heard of Shawermama? Then now's the time to start nabbing and trying this wonderful place because today's deal will have your taste-buds as delighted as can be.  For only JOD 1.75, enjoy a Large Shazooka Meal: 32cm chicken sandwich, large fries and large coke at Shawermama (original value JOD 3.69). Happy Nabbing and sahtein!
Voucher valid until August 2, 2011.

Like loving mamas, the people at Shawermama are full of passion for making mouth-watering shawermas and sandwiches, since the first location opened in Jordan in 2006. Nab today's deal for the newly launched Shazooka meal of a 32cm chicken sandwich, large fries and a large coke. The Shazooka is Shawermama's largest sandwich and comes with 100% chicken breast, pickles, garlic sauce, french fries all toasted in pita bread on a flat-top grill. Did someone say yummy?

You will see for yourself (if you don't already know) Shawermama's commitment to serve Jordan traditional and authentic staples with the highest quality standards while maintaining a fun and hip atmosphere. Wonder what Shawermama's secret is to such great food? Well, other than using fresh vegetables and bread which is baked fresh daily, the zealous folk at Shawermama marinate the beef and chicken with a 12-spice secret recipe for at least 63 hours. So no matter how much you beg, Nabbers will have to wait till Wikileaks get a hold of the secret recipe.

Shawermama has taken the Middle East by storm since it's launch in Jordan in 2006, and other than the three branches it has in Jordan (Jabal Amman, Abdoun and Mecca Mall), it has also opened in Riyadh and Dubai. So nab this deal and buy a few for yourself and a few for friends. Use your vouchers to dine in at any of the branches in Jordan or order delivery (only in Amman for an additional JOD 1.25 charge) before August 2, 2011.

Enjoy the mama of all meals - the Shazooka, only at Shawermama. Nab a couple or dozen now.

What You Get

Large Shazooka Meal at Shawermama: large (32cm) chicken sandwich, large fries and large coke

Fine print

Voucher valid until August 2, 2011.
You may buy multiple vouchers for yourself and friends.
Available at all Shawermama branches in Jordan
Dine in or delivery. Delivery for Amman only for JOD 1.25.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman

Sat'an Al Hassan Street, Abdoun

Mecca Mall Food Court

Tel: 06-593-3033
Opening hours: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM Daily

Questions About the Deal

  • Nada H. (Posted on 1/27/11)
    Do they deliver to Beirut?? hehehe
    Have a good day! and I envy you who are in Joradan (Sa7tain).
  • Dani@GoNabit .. (Posted on 1/26/11)
    Hi Mohammad,
    You have been charged $2.47 (which is JOD 1.75) and not JOD 2.47 :)
    GoNabit Support
  • Mohammad . (Posted on 1/26/11)
    The deal is 1.75 JD value. Why did you charge me 2.47 JD ??

    Can i have a reasonable answer?
  • Angeline R. (Posted on 1/26/11)
    Sounds delicious...please open a branch in Abu Dhabi :)

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