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Full Cup Coffee Place

Full Cup Coffee Place

Times have changed but coffee never goes out of style. It's been upgraded with fancy names and delicious flavors but it will always be daily morning fuel for caffeine addicts around the world. It perks up mornings, afternoons and evenings, especially when it comes with sweet treats. For only JOD 10 today's Nabit saves coffeenatics 52% off 6 cups of flavored coffee (Cappuccino, Latte, Americano or Double Espresso), 6 brownies, and 6 cookies over a maximum of three visits at Full Cup Coffee Place (original value JOD 21). Voucher valid until May 04, 2011.

Sometimes seeing the cup as half full is not enough; sometimes it just needs to be seen as a "Full Cup". Today's Nabit gets you 6 cups of flavored coffee, 6 delicious brownies and 6 scrumptious cookies at Full Cup Coffee Place to be used in up to 3 visits. Use your Nabit with a fellow coffee fiend and indulge in a coffee, brownie and cookie each over a nice chat and come back two more times. Or make use of Full Cup's free WiFi, invite 5 colleagues and set up office in Full Cup Coffee Place for a few hours and use the Nabit all at once.

Drop by early morning to fuel up for the whole day with a Double Espresso and Hazelnut Americano, stop by another day in the afternoon with a co-worker for a Vanilla Cappuccino break, then invite that special someone to a Latte, with a couple of brownies and cookies to enjoy on each visit.

Once the Nabit has been used make sure to try other drinks and snacks on the menu, such as the hot drinks, iced coffee or frappes, juice smoothies, iced specials, desserts, and more, With outdoor and indoor seating, and six months to use the Nabit, it's a great way to enjoy the company of friends, family and colleagues.

Rise and nab. It's time for coffee, brownies and cookies at Full Cup Coffee Place.

What You Get

6 Cups of Flavored Coffee, 6 Brownies, and 6 Cookies - to be consumed in up to three visits.

Fine print

Voucher expires on May 04, 2011.
Voucher valid over 3 visits.
May buy multiples as gifts.
No advance booking required.
Dine in only.
Not valid in combination with any other offer.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

Full Cup Coffee Place,
Amman, 5th Circle – next to Whispers in Sheraton Hotel Neighborhood.
Mobile: 0795505772
Opening Hours: 08.00AM – 12.00AM Daily.


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