Today's Nabit: 52% off Food, Beverages and Arguileh at Baguette Diner

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Baguette Diner

Begin with a little American. Mix in some French. Blend in Italian and add a touch of Mexican. Combine with Amman Nabbers and top off the day with today's Nabit. Wave the magic 'baguette' and voila: delicious grub. For only JOD 12 today's deal gets Nabbers JOD 25 worth of American, French, Italian and Mexican food, drinks and Arguileh at Baguette Diner. Show up with an appetite for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner because Baguette Diner makes sure guests 'Come hungry and leave happy." Voucher valid until March 02, 2011.

After 17 popular years in Lebanon, Baguette Diner landed in Amman earlier this year. Bringing Ammanis delicious hamburgers, tex-mex platters, appetizers, home style pastas along with a selection of tasty drinks, smoothies, desserts and ice cream, Baguette Diner has been welcomed with open arms.

Cozy booths, a casual and fun atmosphere, plenty of choices on the menu and service with a smile are only a few of the reasons to nab this deal.

Make like Danny and Sandy and indulge in a great meal, quench your thirst with unlimited soft drink refills, and catch up with friends over an Arguileh. Bring along dancing shoes and rock out to country music.

With 3 months to use the voucher nab now, and eat, drink and smoke later!

What You Get

JOD 25 Worth of Food, Beverages and Arguileh to spend on 1 visit at Baguette Diner

Fine print

Voucher valid until March 02, 2011.
You may buy multiples as gifts.
No advance booking required.
Not valid towards movie nights (Mondays 7.00PM-12.00AM)
Dine in only.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

Baguette Diner - Amman Abdoun, Queen Zain Al Sharaf Street, Building # 50
Telephone : +962-6-592-82-62
Moblie: +962-77-590-9080
Opening Hours: 08:00 AM- 12:00 AM Daily

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Questions About the Deal

  • GoNabit A. (Posted on 11/24/10)
    Hi Waleed
    It's not only 1 meal nor open buffet, it's 25 JOD to spend there on all there menu items; Food (meals, main dishes, salads etc..), Beverages and Arguileh. i.e. you can order around 3 Arguileh's and 3 main dishes. It's 25 JOD voucher to spend on all items there in any combination you want :)
  • Waleed A. (Posted on 11/23/10)
    I want to make sure .. is this deal like an open buffet? or just a 1 meal order including all these things: food, drinks and Arguileh?

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