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Lulu Boats

Lulu Boats

Dating is a lot like the card game Go Fish. Want a Queen or King of Hearts? Sure, friends can be asked if they know one, but a lot of the time it just isn't in their hands. They may know a Jack of Spades, but a Jack surely isn't a King. So people just have to 'Go Fish' and dive into the sea of fish until their King shows his face. Today's Nabit lets a Nabber and up to 9 friends go fish for the kings and queens of the sea; for only AED 999 up to ten people can enjoy four hours of deep sea fishing with Lulu Boats (original value AED 2400). Go nab and go fish!

Ahoy Captain, get your fisherman boots on, and nab this deal. Take up to 9 friends along, and enjoy a fully inclusive 4-hour deep sea fishing trip aboard a 36-ft boat (just like the picture) with Lulu Boats. Not a fan of crowds of ten? Not a problem - take a buddy along and have a relaxing day at sea. Just the two of you. Trips can be scheduled seven days a week, between 8am and 8pm. With four months to use the Nabit that leaves plenty of time for fishing. So get the crew together, and nab a day of deap sea fishing on a boat.

All Nabbers have to do is call Lulu Boats in advance to book, and on the day, show up at the marina opposite Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi ready to go. First timers and fishing-enthuiasts are all welcome, and fishing equipment is provided. Lulu Boats will show first-time-fishers the ropes, and before Nabbers even know it, they'll be hooked. On fishing, not the hooks. And if the group has had enough of fishing for the day, cool off by jumping into the refreshing, blue sea.

Lulu Boats offers a variety of water-related activities, such as boat charters, jet skiing, water skiing, island drop offs and pick ups, and much more. Rent a Supercharged 1800 FZR jet-ski for AED 350 an hour or AED 900 for three hours. Got a reason to celebrate? Invite friends aboard a 65ft Dhow for AED 4000 for five hours. Or check out the rest of the boats available for charter here.

Go nab and go fish with Lulu Boats!

What You Get

4 hours of deep sea fishing with Lulu Boats for up to 10 people.

Fine print

Please call to book after November 18, 2010.
Voucher can be used for up to 10 people.
Limit 1 voucher per fishing trip.
Voucher valid until March 18, 2011.
Advance booking required.
Subject to availability.

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Business Info

Lulu Boats
The marina in front of Marina Mall, next to Havana Cafe
[email protected]
Open daily 8am to 8pm

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