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Hey, your grandma called and she wants her hairstyle back. If 6 weeks ends up being 60 years as the amount of time in between your haircuts, then there's no better time than now to nab this deal. If you're all about regular haircuts, then you too should nab this deal and try out the newest salon in town. For only AED 100, women get a wash, 10-minute head massage, haircut and blow-dry at Kazumi Salon for Women, the newest salon in Abu Dhabi in the new Grand Millenium Al Wahda (original value AED 240).

And for only AED 60 men get a wash, 10-minute head massage, haircut and blow-dry at Kazumi Salon for Men (original value AED 180). Click here to buy the men's deal.

Please note that there are only male stylists available.

Grannys are wonderful; full of love, hugs and wisdom. But sporting the same do as granny - not so wonderful! And what better place to start than with todays deal. Unleash your inner princess and be primped and pampered at the newest salon in Abu Dhabi, Kazumi, located in the new Grand Millenium Al Wahda. Not only do you get the high quality service and elegance that comes with the five star hotel, but also comfort and warmth. Kazumi means beauty and harmony in Japanese, and that's exactly what ladies can expect at Kazumi in Abu Dhabi.

Today's Nabit gets you a wash, 10-minute head massage (heavenly), haircut and blow-dry, so nab it now. The hair stylists and beauticians are professional and friendly, and make sure you leave with a haircut that dazzles. Salon owner Rima Moujalli brings a wealth of experience (with salons in Australia and Dubai) and makes sure that Kazumi not only has skilled and wonderful staff, but also stocks the best products, including L'Oreal hair products for women.

Once you've had your haircut, why not try out some of the other services available at Kazumi. Get a classic mani-pedi for AED 110, or get your eyebrows shaped for AED 45. Defuzz your legs for AED 95 and your bikini line for AED 45. Face looking a little dull? Ask for the Express Dermalogica Facial for AED 225 for a quick-fix. Right next door is the Kazumi Salon for Men, so feel free to send your other half in for male pampering. Make sure to buy him today's men's deal.

Grandma wants her hairstyle back. Nab a new do now.

What You Get

Women's wash, head massage, haircut, & blow-dry at Kazumi Salon

Fine print

Voucher valid until April 28, 2011.
You may buy one voucher for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for friends (1 per friend).
Advance booking required.

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Business Info

Kazumi Salon
Grand Millenium Al Wahda
[email protected]
Kazumi on Facebook
Opening hours: Sat to Thurs 10am to 8pm, Fri 4pm to 8pm

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