Today's Nabit: Only AED 200 for AED 500 worth of Fleur's Cosmetics

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Fleur's at Corpofino Spa

At the age of two, lipstick was a great way to express artistic talent across mother's white duvet cover. At the age of eight, make up became a fun experiment when playing dress up. During teenage years make up was dabbled with to help get noticed by that cute guy. And in college it was for covering up dark circles after all-nighters. Beauty is art, and art is life. Today's Nabit lets women be their own artists; for only AED 200 women get AED 500 worth of any Fleur's cosmetics, a French skin care line inspired by the simple beauty of nature. The Nabit can be redeemed at Corpofino Spa until December 28.

Fleur's takes inspiration from the floral world using all its extraordinary characteristics to create make-up that is natural, modern and glamorous. For all the non-French speakers out there, 'fleur' is flower in French. Flowers are like women; they are one of nature’s most beautiful creations with an infinite palette of colors, harmony of forms, shadows and light. Fleur's make up uses textures which are adapted to all skin types with colors inspired from flowers. Beauty comes from within, but make up can enhance and add a little sparkle to any pretty face.

Buy as many as today's Nabit as your heart desires. With Christmas around the corner what better way to load up on gifts for the gals? The Nabit will give ladies AED 500 to spend on any of the Fleur's cosmetics available at Corpofino Spa & Slimming Center. Choose from fluid and rich foundations (AED 120 - 140) , loose and compact powders (AED 120), rose and peach blush (AED 120), luminous complexion correctors, nail polish, eye shadow, eyebrow pencils, liquid and pencil eyeliners (AED 70-95), lipsticks (AED 75 - 85) and lip gloss and much much more. Check out the reviews below and you'll understand why these products are the hottest thing in town.

Feel free to stop by Corpofino Spa and check out the products before nabbing the deal. Here's a female-friendly map to find the spa. Once you've nabbed the deal, take along your voucher(s), and choose all the products you fancy. And show the world that gorgeous face with a touch of color.

Unleash the artist within you - and Nab some cosmetics from Fleur's.


Fleur's Teint Paradis Fluid Foundation
"I LOVE this foundation. It makes your skin so smooth and natural looking, and there's no greasy feeling at all!" - Heather Chappel, Total Beauty

Fleur's Sourire Clandestine Lipstick
"I am sorta a lipstick fanatic, so I collect lipsticks. This is one of my favorites it has a balance of moisture, color and longevity to last the whole day."- Rock Angel, Total Beauty

Fleur's Sourire Clandestine Gloss
"Fleur's Clandestine Lip Gloss has a thick-ish texture, but it glides on surprisingly smoothly with the brush-wand, and adds just a hint of color to your lips. I would prefer a less-scented gloss, but the sweet scent does disappear very quickly. The look is natural and the wand lasts a long time. A lovely lip gloss." - DeeCee, Total Beauty

What You Get

AED 500 worth of Fleur's cosmetics at Corpofino Spa & Slimming Center

Fine print

Voucher valid until December 28, 2010.
You may buy as many as you like.
Cosmetics may be picked up at Corpofino Spa & Slimming Center
Voucher valid for women over the age of 16.
No cash back or carryover.

    * See all standard deal terms

Business Info

Fleur's at Corpofino Spa & Slimming Center
Airport Road (between 11th and 13th)
Fleur's website
Corpofino Spa Directions
Open Saturday to Thursday: 9am to 8pm

Questions About the Deal

  • GoNabit A. (Posted on 11/27/10)
    Hi Mohammed, Sorry, but the only way to select the products is to go to Corpofino Spa - you can buy the deal as a gift for your wife, and she can select the products she likes when she visits :) Hope that's not a problem.
    Thanks, Danielle K - Community Manager
  • Mohammed A. (Posted on 11/27/10)
    I want to buy this for my wife, is there any other way to select the products rather than going to Corpofino Spa & Slimming Center? online for example!

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