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Corpofino Spa & Slimming Centre

Centuries ago, honeymoons were a little different than what they are today. Some say the origin of the honeymoon is from when the newly married couple were given mead (honey wine) to drink for the first month (moon) of marriage. Others say it originates from the Norse word “hjunottsmanathr" where brides were abducted and taken into hiding until their families stopped looking for them. For only AED 150 today's Nabit lets women 'go into hiding' at Corpofino Spa and Slimming Center for a Honeymoon Moroccan Bath (AED 400) and a skincare consultation. Women will reemerge relaxed, refreshed and fully cleansed.

Today's Nabit takes women (over the age of 16) to the villa of Corpofino Spa and Slimming Center. The experience will begin with a lovely head massage and hair mask. The professional and experienced therapist will use her magical fingers to release all the millions of thoughts running through your head and set them free into the steam-filled room. She will apply a mask on your hair which will leave your hair silky, soft, and smelling irresistibly wonderful. Next the therapist will massage your body using black soap. Then you'll be left to relax in the steam for another ten minutes, to eliminate toxins and open pores.

So we may have showers every day and feel clean, but no one's truly clean until they have a Moroccan Bath. The therapist will exfoliate every inch of your body, not leaving a spot uncovered. Scrubbing every little bit of dry and dead skin away. Next the therapist will apply the Rassoul over the whole body and the face, and leave you once again to relax in the steam. Once that is rinsed off, a Honey and Royal Jelly Mask will be applied to your body. After a short while, it'll be rinsed off, along with the hair mask. Women can then pat themselves dry, and use the blow-dryer to dry their hair off before reemerging back into the world glowing with softer (and cleaner) skin, feeling relaxed. Be warned, it may be hard not to smell your hair every few minutes, because it smells that good. Just warning you in case people start approaching you on the street to smell your hair.

Corpofino Spa and Slimming Center brings a cosy and tranquil spa to Abu Dhabi women. With a hint of a romantic atmosphere, it's a tranquil place to go for massages, beauty treatments, slimming treatments, and much more. With over 10 years of experience and professional consultation, Abu Dhabi ladies are in good hands. Visit Corpofino's website to learn more or check out their Facebook page while you're at it.

For a different kind of 'honeymoon' nab today's Moroccan Bath at Corpofino Spa.

What You Get

A Honeymoon Moroccan Bath and skincare consultation at Corpofino Spa and Slimming Center

Fine print

Voucher valid until March 2, 2011.
You may buy 1 voucher for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for friends.
Only valid for women 16 years or older.
Must book in advance.

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Business Info

Corpofino Spa and Slimming Center
Airport Road (between 11th and 13th)
Corpofino on Twitter
Corpofino on Facebook
Tel: 02-445-2800
Open Saturday to Thursday: 9am to 8pm

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  • GoNabit A. (Posted on 11/30/10)
    Hi Isabelle, Please give us a call on 02-408-9250 and we can help you Nab it :)
    Speak soon hopefully!
    Danielle K - Community Manager
  • isabelle p. (Posted on 11/30/10)
    I am unable to pay on line for this deal, and i want it desperately. Please advise urgently

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