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The Beauty Spot, Marina Village

Like the perfect man, a perfect facial is hard to find. Not only do women want soft, glowing skin but they also don't want red, blotchy skin afterwards causing them to hide under the covers. And GoNabit knows just the spot for that perfect facial. For only AED 200, lady Nabbers can have clear, more radiant skin with a 90 minute Dermalogical Facial at The Beauty Spot (original value AED 450) OR a 60 minute course of U.V. (stand-up) sunbed tanning (original value AED 400) for women who want a hassle-free bronze glow.

Modern and friendly, the boutique ladies' salon The Beauty Spot caters to all your beauty needs. Owner Vicky Powell makes it a point to import only top international products, and hires only highly trained and qualified staff. Tucked away in the serene Marina Royal Complex in the Marina Village, it’s one place in Abu Dhabi you won’t have to worry about parking. Today's Nabit gets women a choice between a 90 minute Dermalogica facial or a 60 minute course of U.V. stand-up sunbed tanning with UVA/UVB protection.

The Dermalogica facial can be tailored to all skin types and the products used will depend on the results from the skin mapping and zoning which takes place at the beginning of the facial. For women who want brighter skin, Dermalogica Chroma White TRx can be used to control discoloration and produce visibily brighter skin. Women worried about aging skin can have the AGE smart(TM) facial which improves damaged and prematurely-aging skin. Whatever the skin condition, the beauty therapist will tailor the facial for your skin leaving Nabbers with a deep-cleansed glow. Also because a machine is used to extract blackheads, it reduces redness and marks so there's no need to hide afterwards.

For Nabbers opting for the 60 minute tanning course, they can choose how many minutes they want to use each session (for a maximum of 12 minutes per session) depending on skin type. Put on the goggles, and step into the 160 Watts Turbo tanning machine with UVA & UVB protection for a few minutes for a even bronze tan.

Hair, Nails and Skin

A painless wax may sound like an oxymoron, but the beauticians at The Beauty Spot make it a close-reality. Don't wax before or after a tanning session, but make sure to go back and try the bikini wax (AED 45) - the London-imported wax is used without cloth strips and comes in Chocolate, Strawberry, Lavender and Apricot scents and colors - you’ll almost be tempted to stick your finger in the pot and have a taste. Please don’t. For the hair ladies want to keep on their heads, ask for a chic upstyle (AED 200-250) or get a haircut for AED 100. If your locks have been damaged by the unforgiving sun, there's a variety of hair repair treatments to choose from. There’s the Biolustre Hair Reconstructor (AED 450+), a perfect emergency hair repair system which restores your hair’s texture, health and shine. Touch up your roots with root coloring (AED 250+) or get a full head of hi or low lites (AED 350-550+).

After your facial or tanning session, treat yourself to an express manicure (AED 65) and pedicure (AED 75). If your feet are in need of some desperate TLC, opt for the 90 minute rescue manicure which includes a warm, relaxing paraffin dip (AED 130) leaving your tootsies soft and smooth ready to be shown off on the beach.

Don't hide that pretty face, nab a facial (or tan) at The Beauty Spot now.

What You Get

90 minute Dermalogica Facial OR 60 minute course of U.V. Sunbed Tanning

Fine print

Voucher valid until February 28, 2011.
You may buy and redeem one voucher for yourself.
You may buy multiple vouchers for friends/family.
Available for women only.

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Business Info

The Beauty Spot Ladies Salon
Marina Royal Complex, Marina Village
Abu Dhabi Break Water
Tel: 02 681 8817
Open Sunday to Thursday 9:30am - 8:30 pm
Friday 2pm to 8:30pm

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